March and Rally in Lewisburg for Solidarity

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LEWISBURG -- For decades, people have been marching in Lewisburg to stop the hate and Tuesday they marched and rallied again in solidarity.

In the wake of the massacre in Las Vegas and other national controversies, organizers say this is more important than ever.

"My heart is breaking over it and you know I woke up this morning and I didn't know what I was going to say to be totally frank. We wanted to keep our spirits high and it's difficult when these things keep happening over and over and over again, but you have to be positive,” said Cynthia Peltier, an organizer.

Hundreds of people marched, including students, staff, and faculty from Bucknell University and community members, too. Then they listened to speakers talk about activism, civil rights, gun control, and more.

"I think Americans have a right to go to concerts and public parks and movie theaters and not have to fear for their lives, and I think there is a lot of sensible legislation we could have that would ensure public safety,” said Shari Jacobson of Union Township.

"We are all kind of losing sight of what's important and keeping the eye on the prize of love and unity. We tend to get caught up in the hype that we see and we hear, and we tend to forget what is important,” said Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay of Snyder County’s Democratic Committee.

As the flag fluttered at half-staff in honor of the victims in Las Vegas, people here urged others to stand together and protect each other.

"This evening makes us all colorblind. There is no color here. We are all one people,” said Regina Russell, president of the Central Susquehanna ACLU.

"If you're out there alone or you don't feel that other people are on the same wavelength with you, you can really feel lost and isolated,” said Helen Nunn of Lewisburg.

Organizers are hopeful the rally will help people heal together after all that's happened. They also say they want people energized to stand up for what they believe in.


  • warningfakenews

    “Hundreds of people marched, including students, staff, and faculty from Bucknell University and community members, too.”

    Most likely, organized in large part by the liberal professors who gave academic credit for attending, easy way to secure a rent-a-mob.

  • chris

    how dare them dang liberals rally for peace! i bet all of them had all their teeth and weren’t even racist! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!? embrace the hate!

    • Tolerant liberals

      Want to meet some real nice, peaceful, loving liberals (with all their pearly white teeth)? Visit the Twitter page of Dana Loesch and look at the nice comments she got from some of them.

      • El Ma

        TOLERANT LIBERAL, one only has to attend one of these “peaceful” rallies to get the full gist of the type of “love” they espouse.

        I have no use for white supremacists, but I will say that I hear about more violence being committed at these “peaceful rallies” than I do about the other wingnuts. “Louder With Crowder” went incognito to see what ANTIFA was all about, and the organizer was passing out shivs and knives, and making sure that guns were available and where they could be accessed. The news? They weren’t interested in ANY of the footage or in reporting what these PEACEFUL wingnuts really had in mind.

  • Check valve

    “They also say they want people energized to stand up for what they believe in.” Funny, when conservative Christians stand up for what they believe in, they’re called homophobic, racists, bigots, xenophobes, and intolerant. Their businesses get death threats and swarms of SJW’s try to put them out of business. I guess they only like unity when you think like them.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    AR’s and liberals are the same.

    They don’t really serve a purpose, some people like them. Some people hate them.

    Yet, we tolerate them.

    We practice tolerance.

  • East us

    Down at KFC getting all the good chicken before the welfare coons wake up and start scrounging for food.

  • snowflakes rock

    Congrats to these participants for doing something positive. I feel bad for the people who comment here and take such joy in their anger and hate — as the saying goes, it’s like trying to get rid of your enemy by swallowing poison yourself….

    • El Ma

      Precisely what did this march and rally accomplish? An end to the manufacturing of automatic weapons? An end to prejudice? An end to violence? Please – for all of us “haters” out there that don’t agree with these rallies and marches – please, explain what this event accomplished.

      • Lloyd schmucatelli

        It accomplishes nothing El Ma. You know that.

        The goofballs feel good for a minute and think they made a difference. When all their “ending hate” rallies do is magnify human stupidity.

      • El Ma

        LLOYD, the thing that these events does accomplish is the widening of the socio-political chasm. There is a deliberate agenda to create the “Us vs. Them” perception, and folks just can’t seem to understand this, step back, and see it for what it is.

      • look in the mirror

        It is just hard to fathom what could possibly tick you and Lloyd (et al) off so much about this. I have to laugh imagining you guys at a sermon by Jesus talking about “love and unity” and you grumbling away in the back. Relax guys, it’s just love and unity — no big deal. Hmm..Oh yeah: first comes love and unity and then they come for your guns. Oops, I forgot! Sorry guys!

      • El Ma

        LOOKINTHEMIRROR, I am hardly “ticked off.” I’m just stating facts. Mankind is hard-wired to separate into groups and only personal contemplation and personal efforts can circumvent that. Look at how people band together over any issue.

        There was a group of college students (go figure) that had gathered together to protest. When asked what they were protesting, the answer was (quote), “We’re working on that.” The people didn’t know what they were protesting, but it “felt” good for them all to gather together and vent their collective spleens.

      • El Ma

        These rallies and marches do not promote “love and unity.” They incite anger, frustration, and a sense of helplessness that is overwhelming. You, sir/madam/other, just don’t “get it,” on any level.

      • El Ma

        Uh, PHIL, if you’ve read any of my past comments, I do not support either end of the socio-political spectrum. There has to be a balance, and there isn’t one, at present.

    • El Ma

      Every time that a rally or march is organized and the words, “race,” “color,” and, “violence,” are used to describe the intent, it only creates an even greater rift, just as it is intended to do.

      Even in the 1960’s, when the Civil Rights Movement was at its most fevered pitch, there wasn’t THIS kind of division in the Nation. Today, it’s orchestrated – it’s manufactured with the sole intent of generating as much social angst imaginable. Only a scant few seem to understand this.

      • El Ma

        GIVEMEABREAK, it’s very, very sad that people’s feelings and emotions are being manipulated to polarize the Nation. If everyone were able to stop talking, stop whining, stop pointing fingers, and just take it all in, we might be able to put an end to this, as a united people. We are so lost and divided, and it’s only going to get worse because everyone is believing what news media are spewing forth and they’re not thinking for themselves.

  • magicmikexxsm

    At some point in this country, we are going to have to have an Adult conversation about gun control in this country.
    As to which types of weapons can be sold and which type should be not sold….Why in Gods name do we need to manufacture AR style weapons to sell to the public????

    • El Ma

      MAGICMIKEXXSM, it’s almost impossible for the average citizen to purchase a fully automatic firearm. I imagine an thorough investigation (if there ever IS one) will reveal a whole lot more to the story than just some madman on a rampage.

      • magicmikexxsm

        El I didn’t say He had auto firing weapons, he bought semi auto , and filed the firing mech down till it started firing auto….I used to own a Ruger Mini M1 5.56 round, all I had to do to turn it into a full auto was file down the firing mech, and shazam I had a full auto rifle.

      • El Ma

        MAGICMIKEXXSM, I don’t know the whole story about the murderer, but I believe that there’s more to this story than the public will ever be privy to. And, the answer to the reason that these weapons are manufactured is quite simple: money. Always follow the money.

      • Rugercoltbrowning

        What kind of rifle did you have Mike? A Ruger Mini 14 was 5.56, the M1 is 30.06. Modifying anything to full auto isn’t as easy as pulling out a file and whittling away metal. The shooter was a multi-millionaire, he could afford any gun he wanted, legal or not.

      • magicmikexxsm

        No body is talking about taking your guns..I own 5 hand guns…we can out law the manufacturing of said AR style guns, and stop the public , you LLoyd from reselling yours, make it against the law to resell an existing AR style weapon…..

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        AR “style” has nothing to do with it.

        This guy was using something way beyond an AR “style” weapon.

        If this guy had 20 pistols loaded with 50 magazines full of ammo, he could have done the same damage firing indiscriminately from a tactical vantage point like that.

        Killers kill, that’s it.

        It’s sad that thing like these always fall back to the gun debate and not that fact that people are PFUKN SICK!!


      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Bottom line is that the issue is bigger than any rally, government legislation, or holocaust on the AR style weapon is going to fix.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        This is a spiritual problem.

        This is a modern times problem.

        This isn’t a “scary AR style” gun problem.

    • Perspective

      That horse left the barn a long time ago Mike. No amount of restrictions, no number of laws, no adult conversation will prevent evil from doing what it wants. Did we ban fertilizer after Oklahoma City? Did we ban airplanes after 9/11? Did we ban pressure cookers after Boston? Evil can and will find a way, the mechanism is irrelevant. One might say that AR’s aren’t needed or necessary. Neither are 707 horsepower Hellcats or $100,000 Escalades – and vehicles kill around 100 people every day.

    • phil

      i can’t believe i’m saying this but i agree with you 100% for once. what is the need for assault weapons? hunting rifles and pistols are fine but what on earth is someone going to need an AR for?

      • Know guns

        Bicycles and mopeds are fine, why does anyone need a Harley? A Prius or Yugo is fine, why does anyone need a Ram diesel? A push mower is fine, why does anyone need a lawn tractor? An AR style rifle is NOT an assault rifle. Look at a Ruger Mini 14, then look at a Colt LE6920. Both of them do the exact same thing with the exact same ammo. Neither are assault rifles.

    • Do you really know?

      I’m curious Mike – without resorting to using the internet, what do you think ‘AR’ stands for? When was the acronym originally used – not the year, but the purpose for the acronym?

  • El Ma

    Um………just curious as to what “color” has to do with this “rally.” Colorblind? LMAO!!!!!!!! Yeah. Drive into parts of Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, and Williamsport and start spouting that noise and see how far that “heals” the rifts. It’s simply ridiculous.

    There is no such thing as Utopia. There isn’t. The best thing that people can do is to lead by example instead of creating false platforms for people’s feelings. At some point, everyone feels alone, isolated, disenfranchised, powerless, helpless, hopeless, and discriminated against. That’s part of Life and living. Time for people to stop “rallying” and start living their own lives and doing something positive for their communities – like, volunteering their time to feed the homeless, collect clothing for the poor, organizing food pantries, or something else besides MARCHING.

  • Stumpy

    sounds like a nice liberal rally. Let’s guilt white people more, make everybody gay, open borders with no background checks, gun control, and indoctrinate the snowflakes with our agenda on every college campus. Nice agenda, WNEP, in covering such an event

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