Keeping ‘Veterans Promise’

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DICKSON CITY -- At any given time of day, you're likely to see someone working inside an old bank on Main Street in Dickson City. And chances are, that person will be Dave Ragan - an Army veteran taking on his latest mission.

Soon, the bank will be the brick and mortar home of Veterans Promise. An organization Ragan founded last year. It's meant to connect veterans like him with services and with each other.

Veterans Promise has been hosting group therapy sessions for veterans with PTSD over the past year.

"Those doctorates on the wall really don't mean that much to us. We want the validation between our service, and it kind of lets us take our armor off and become human again, in a sense. That's what we want to do here," Ragan said.

Ragan said the place will be drug and alcohol free, designed for vets' families, too.

He said they plan to have a notary on staff to help vets with paperwork and someone who can help write resumes and fill out job applications.

"I would like to have a facility like this in every community, so that we can do what we're doing here and take the success that we're having here and transplant it all over the country and give all veterans and their families a place to go," he added.

Veterans Promise was born out of a dark time in Ragan's life when he struggled with the invisible scars of his own service in Bosnia and Iraq. He's building the place he knows now that he needed.

"Our failures are not our finale and truly, that's how I live," Ragan said.

You can support Veterans Promise by buying a t-shirt from the organization's Facebook page.


  • lester

    I just skimmed this article, but its better that what others are doing for vets, which seems to be nothing. If anyone knows of anything out there, please share!

    • nunnya

      EXACTLY…And he was in National Guard not army..There IS a difference. The exploiting of other peoples traaumas and horrible experiences is just disgusting

    • Hesajoke

      This bum is not a good person and has everybody fooled, he is a fraud and sick of seeing him as the face for veterans in Pennsylvania. People should start looking into his bullshit

      • nunnya

        I did and he didn’t like it too much. I was called a myriad of lovely names and was told that he’s going to “spit in my f****** face”. What a hero!!!! Self serving fake, lying to & living off taxpayers

  • Nunnya

    Only because I don’t want to interfere with those that REALLY need the help, I will not elaborate on how this man is badly over rated and is using other peoples’ TRUE horror stories as his own, for his own benefit

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