Vets Taking Stand on Kneeling

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SCRANTON -- While many professional athletes are taking a knee, the Lackawanna County Council of Veterans are taking a stand and released an official statement about recent events of NFL players protesting during the National Anthem. They are condemning those actions.

"We're the people that fought and defended the freedom to protest. There is a time and a place to protest," said Lackawanna County Council of Veterans Commander Joe Albert.

The Council of Veterans say they are not condemning athletes using their platforms to protest, but as soldiers who have served active duty, they feel protesting the flag and the National Anthem is disrespecting the country they have fought for. The protests during the Anthem continued this weekend.

"It becomes ingrained after a while. A lot of the stuff I learned while on active duty it stays with you. It doesn't go away. It's still always there," said Lackawanna County Council of Veterans Secretary Gail Moncivais.

Veterans say they have turned the games off, and that they will take part in a national boycott of all NFL games on Sunday, November 12, the day after Veterans Day.

"They have so much power. It is wrong for them to abuse their power," said Ed Faatz, the president of Friends of the Forgotten.

The Lackawanna County Veterans say protesting while in uniform is abusing that power, and that they should be doing it on their own time.

"It's very disappointing because these are idols of society and it's trickling down. It's when the high school players start to do. The college kids start to do it. Their coaches don't tolerate it," Albert said.

The council says as leaders in the community, they felt it was their duty to release this official statement.

"We, under motion from the floor and unanimously approved by the Lackawanna County Council of Veterans profoundly respects and supports the right of freedom of speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, nevertheless we strongly condemn the immature amateur behavior and actions as demonstrated by so-called "professional" athletes of the National Football League (NFL) who by kneeling and protesting during the presentation of the flag of the United States of America and the playing of our country's National Anthem we believe show great disrespect not only to our country, but to those who have served and are currently serving in defense of freedom and in some cases have made that ultimate sacrifice in the defense of freedom that we as a nation enjoy. There is a place and a time for legitimate protest in objection and belief to actions by one's government that one is in opposition to; but, we believe the start of a "game" is not that time and place. The presentation of colors, and the playing of our country's National Anthem, which is non-partisan and patriotic action as well as a recognition to those who have served, are serving and have sacrificed should be treated as such and respected as such. If for example, the owners, sponsors and players in the NFL cannot support either the flag or the country they live in, then we support the proposed national boycott scheduled for the 2017 Veterans Day weekend (Nov. 11-12) of all professional NFL presentations."


  • Mary K

    Why did they not protest HC when she called them supper predators which in the long run started this whole stereotyping of the so called picked on individuals that they are kneeling for ???

  • Dems are evil

    It’s typical of Democrats to politicize the deaths of Americans in tragedies. Their modus operandi is to promote the communist agenda over respecting human life.

  • Trump is a national disgrace

    Trump should take a knee and apologize to the American World War II Puerto Rican veterans who he left without food, water and medicine for 10 days while he was busy sending racist tweets and golfing. That’s what a real Commander and Chief would do.

    • Lance

      There was a response it has been sitting on the docks in a port down there. They dont have drivers in PR to pick it up. Look at the news once in a while instead of beleiving the media BS!

  • Veterans Against Fake Presidents

    Veterans from across the country are boycotting the Donald Trump Administration. Real veterans know that the Un-American thugs are currently in the White House.

  • warningfakenews

    Protesting at work on the company clock? That’s not an American tradition, and that’s not constitutionally protected as far as your continuation of employment or disciplinary actions go. Yeah, you have a constitutional right to voice your opinion, but the employer still can fire you for airing it on the clock.

    • fisheye

      In the last election Hillary called half the Country ‘deplorables’. She alienated half the voters which sunk her battleship. The NFL depends on viewers. If you turn your back on half or even a quarter of the viewers; these is that much less money in the pot. Regardless of how special these superstars view their selves; wait until the next time they have to negotiate their new contracts!

  • fisheye

    Protesting is a two way street. If the players want to protest; so can our President, our veterans, and viewers. We have that right. Do I care if any of these protestors keep their jobs – no; I am also a veteran and proud of my Country!

  • Be Like Trump. Stand for the pledge and then mock a Veteran!

    It seems like only yesterday when Trump and his Republican supporters thought that mocking a Muslim-American Gold Star Family, making light of the Purple Heart and mocking veterans with post traumatic stress was funny and patriotic. Remember when Trump said that avoiding sexually transmitted diseases in his youth was his own personal Vietnam? “American military Prisoners of War are not heros, I prefer people who weren’t captured.” – President Donald Trump

  • Trump took a knee during the entire Vietnam War

    Maybe the Council of Vets can take turns mocking the war service of Vietnam Veterans and Prisoners of War like John McCain like their Commander and Chief does.

  • Tired Of All The Protesting

    As a show of unity, all of the bars around me are showing PGA Golf on Sundays instead of football. I applaud them.

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