How to Cope with Mass Shooting Grief

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- It's news no one wants to wake up to: a man fired hundreds of rounds of gunshots into a crowd at a concert in Las Vegas. At least 58 people died and more than 500 people were hurt.

"It's sad. You can't go nowhere anymore," Jen Sarviss said.

"You just kind of almost feel like you can't step out and go places as a family because you don't know what's going to happen," Jamie Keller of Danville said.

Newswatch 16 spoke with a psychiatrist at Geisinger Medical Center who said do not keep those feelings bottled up inside.

"It's OK to grieve, OK to mourn, OK to cry," Dr. Robert Gerstman said.

Dr. Robert Gerstman tells us not to change our daily routines because of this. He also recommends talking to family and friends.

"It doesn't hurt to talk to somebody and say, 'How are you dealing with this? This is how I'm dealing with this,'" Dr. Gerstman said.

Dr. Gerstman says that even if teachers talk to your kids about what happened, it's always best for them to hear from you, too.

"Kids need to hear from their parents that sometimes bad things happen and it's out of everybody's control," Dr. Gerstman said.

"I always just tell my kids to be vigilant, to watch. Even at our bus stop, to keep an eye because you never know," Sarviss said.

Dr. Gerstman says it is also important that kids see their parents grieving too, so they know it is OK.


  • Snowflake society

    I’m sick of everybody whining over the death of 59 people. Good God whiners, there’s 350 million of us. I think we’ll be ok. And for the paranoid freaks that are all scared about going to concerts now, get a grip you losers, you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning. Go play the lottery I say. Damn fools!

  • magicmikexxsm

    Lets see WNEP, how to cope with it..Well for starters on your Talk back you could not put idiots who spew false BS.
    You had some idiot from Honesdale Pa, saying “”The USA got what it deserved because it let people just go out and buy automatic guns”” that would be a LIE….people can’t go out and buy auto firing guns, hell the gun stores don’t and can’t sell them with out a special licence….a person can’t buy then with out I think it’s a class 3 license in Pa…and 99.9% of the people do not have that…This guy was a nut who filed down his guns to make them full auto, it’s not hard.

  • 80 years old and who cares

    Here is how I would cope. Do not listen to buck tooth Clinton. All she wants to do is bash the NRA. Maybe she should donate A few hundred thousand dollars to the families who lost a loved one. Why wont this woman go away. One positive thing is some day she will Die. And the world will be a better place

    • Dodge Ram American Made

      I agree 100%. Us real Americans need to show everyone what it’s like to be a real American. We like beer. We like football. And we like to be men who aren’t sissy’s. Only sissy and girly Europeans don’t believe in the 2nd amendment. We are tough Americans and thank goodness we have one in the White House rather than girly man Obama. USA USA USA

  • Think Positive

    No more excuses for mental health as a reason for stuff that is just pure evil. Bring Public Hangings back!

  • Robert

    Its truly a shame we did’t have these uber genius Geisinger psychiatrists to help the WWII vets that went island hopping in the pacific. When the Korean war soldiers returned home or those who served in Vietnam. The American warriors that are doing tour after tour in the middle east for over a decade now and killing themselves daily. Over 2400 American dead in Afghanistan, 4500 plus dead Americans dead in Iraq and counting. WNEP and Nikki Crys can KMA on this one!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    How to cope with it? Hahaha, god damn. Thank the lord we have the news to help us deal with our emotions.

    Honestly? It simply comes down to brushing it off. You will wither away fretting over the calamities of the world regardless of what they are.

    It also comes down to knowing your not in control of the universe. No matter how much we pray, care, hold vigils, release balloons or color picture with finger paint, the world is an evil place.

    All you can do is say a serenity prayer and brush it off.

    Sure it hurts now, but humanity will blink and this will be a year in the past and nothing will have changed and there will be another disastrous headline.

    Sad but true.

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