Bloomsburg Fair Attendance Up Despite Weather Woes

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BLOOMSBURG -- The Bloomsburg Fairgrounds look a lot different than last week at this time. Instead of cooking food, vendors packed up to leave.

"It doesn't take very long to set up, but it takes twice as long to tear down," said vendor Rod Kile.

Cleanup started Saturday night as soon as the fair was over. Vendors have two weeks to be out of here.

"People just see you down here working and they don't know what goes with it. It's a lot of cleanup," said James Roan of Roan's Apple Dumplings.

As they cleaned up, vendors discussed what was the hot topic at the fair: the weather.

"You might get a hot day, but you don't get three in a row that's over 90," said Dale Hock of Hock's Strawberry Waffles.

Attendance was down early in the week. Some vendors wish the fair would have been this week instead.

"Fair week, you need cool weather, and a little rain once in a while doesn't hurt. It was entirely too hot," Kile said.

According to Bloomsburg Fair officials, attendance was up almost 24,000 people from last year. Even so, many vendors tell Newswatch 16 they did not do as well.

"You don't really make it up, but having a good Saturday like we had was a big help," Hock said.

Vendors can only put out so much product each day.

"Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were a lot nicer, but it's hard to make up the days you lose," Kile said.

The end of the week was real good, but it would have been good anyway. It would have been better if it would have been a whole good week," Roan added.

Some vendors tell Newswatch 16 they are already looking ahead to next year's Bloomsburg Fair which runs September 22 - 29.

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