Runners Honor Cpl. Bryon Dickson

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Runners in East Stroudsburg honored a Pennsylvania state trooper on Saturday.

Cpl. Bryon Dickson was killed in an ambush outside the state police barracks in Blooming Grove in September 2014.

More than three years after the shooting and the conviction of gunman Eric Frein, Dickson is still on the minds of many who turned out for the race.

Held at East Stroudsburg University, the race was organized by students and raised money for the Bryon K. Dickson II Memorial Fund.

Also at the race was a state police SUV where people could write messages of support on Post-it notes.

Organizers tell Newswatch 16 the race, now in its third year, is about honoring the legacy of Dickson. They said they're thrilled with this year's turnout.


  • Mike Hunt

    As long as it’s not another t shirt sale. Didn’t they receive enough capital already? Time to move forward.

  • Keystone cops

    They ALL need anger management classes but that’s what happens when they attend the military before cadet school. It’s an endless cycle but what are we to do.

  • Sheesh!!!!

    Don’t these children realize how difficult it is to remove that sticky adhesive off from the vehicle’s windows? Go ahead, make these cops angrier than they already are. Better you than me!

  • Dark secrets

    If Eric Frein really did ambush the PSP barracks I need to ask, “why?” Nobody shoots up a PSP barracks for no reason. What did they do to him first that caused him to retaliate in such vengeance?

    • Writer Girl

      Some people just become embroiled in a “cause,” or way of thinking. Lots of people are “anti-establishment,” or anti-cop. When that’s all they think about in life, you have these senseless incidents. I don’t recall anyone saying the cops did anything to Frein or that he even knew these particular policemen.

    • Right on

      Exactly. Frein was whisked through trial and conviction. The whole thing STINKS. Nobody wakes up with sniping cops on the brain because they’re “anti-establishment”. They’re definitely hiding something.

      • I know all about you, Steve.

        Who is “they” and what are they hiding? And….please tell me how it was done. I guess it’s the same folks who blew up the World Trade center…..or killed Elvis.

    • Mike Hunt

      Rumor has it that the other trooper who was shot in the aforementioned incident was having an affair with Frein’s sister-in-law in Oliphant and Eric reciprocated, accordingly.

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