Wayne County Residents Work to Help Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

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BETHANY -- People with family in Puerto Rico are rallying their neighbors in Wayne County to help following the destruction from Hurrican Maria.

At the Bethany Public Library near Honesdale, Teresa Zarcone-Perez and her husband Rafael loaded all sorts of items into the back of a pickup truck.

This is just a small part of all the everyday items people in Wayne County have donated to the Hurricane Maria relief efforts spearheaded by this couple. They have family still on the U.S. island ravaged by the storm.

"Just imagine all the basic necessities you have now, imagine being stripped of them tomorrow, and basically having nothing," Zarcone-Perez said.

Zarcone-Perez teamed up with Pilar Beam, a native of Puerto Rico who wanted to help in any way she could.

"As of today, it's seven days since I've spoken with my father," said Beam.

Together they're asking for food and water from folks in the community, things like batteries and toothbrushes, anything that can go to Puerto Ricans struggling to survive. Drop-off locations are all around Honesdale going with an aid group called "Puerto Rico Rises."

"The sooner the better," Beam said. "We're going to keep collecting until October 4 and make sure we're doing the right thing here."

The cause is very close to their hearts and one that affects fellow Americans and loved ones.

"When you see the neighborhood (where) I grew up, when you see devastation, trees all over the place, it's hard," said Rafael Perez.

Dave's Foodtown in Honesdale is one of many locations you can drop off items to be sent to Puerto Rico so that when those folks on that island need the help, it gets there.


  • Oh well

    Let them fend for themselves. They’re a third world island in a paradise. They’re used to living like scumbags. If nobody told them a hurricane hit, they’d never have known the difference. Next time….DON’T TELL THEM!

    • Rurbanite

      I tried to give you many thumbs down on this but I could give you only one. I hope you are never in charge of FEMA the next time we have an Agnes flood in this area.

  • 🙄

    That’s what you’re suppose to do when people are in need. What if something happened to you or your family. How would you feel if people were like why should we help them? Think before you speak and put yourself in their shoes. How are they supposed to survive when there’s nothing? No food, no water, no nothing.

    • Rurbanite

      Puerto Rican’s are American citizens. as for NEPA, we are blessed with food, electricity, hospitals, fuel, roads in abundance. Go for one day without these things and see how you feel.

    • tiny turtle

      2 GIRL WRITERS…I have seen your ridiculous comments on some of these news stories. I think you should do yourself a favor and ask your mommy and daddy if you should really be using the computer. Better yet, throw your computer in the trash and reeducate yourself. Enroll back in school, starting out in the third grade, where you obviously left off.

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