Pot Bust in Monroe County

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- More than one hundred marijuana plants discovered at this property in Monroe County.

Investigators arrested Louis Valenti after they searched his place on Lookout Drive near Albrightsville Wednesday.

Police say he had been growing marijuana here in Monroe County and selling it in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for years.


  • westcott

    O our heroes, PA.’s f-in finest, lets pat our self’s on the back for this one.. weed? really? O no not pot…smfh hows bout we see something worth while like a heroin or meth bust, God knows that’s a Huge problem in Pennsylvania but hey they found the weed!!! It’s pot, relax!!! it’s f-in ridiculous already…

  • RicU.

    This makes me want to vomit. FOR YEARS, he was growing.
    The PA TROOPERS knew about it and let it go on and on.
    They let this go on because their training Corporal were too busy climbing under the sheets with 9 year old guys (see the CONVICTION reported by WNEPA 16 last spring)
    This enterprise was on going because there was money involved?
    This enterprise was on going because the PA TROOPERS were ill trained (see the cheating scandal in 2015 et al)
    This enterprise was on going because the PA TROOPERS were poorly managed.
    So much for “Serve and Protect.” Thank goodness they no longer drive white cars but dirty pewter.

  • 🙄

    He’s been growing it and selling it for years and they just now bust him? Wow! That’s nuts. Unfortunately he didn’t get busted sooner.


    GREAT JOB POLICE, nasty gateway drug and the Hipsters give it to your kiddies for sex, Marijuana then H3R10N! SICKOS

  • Dawn Davenport

    Is that area so free of crime, that this seems like a good use of time & resources? I’m sure there are more serious crimes going on that should be taken care of instead of this joke.

    • JustSayNo

      Agreed, nice bust on the face of it but I betcha dollars to donuts,no pun intended), these LEO’s would agree. I much rather see heroin, spice, meth, etc.. busts especially heroin and all those drugs out there concocted by “bathtub chemists,”

  • Smokey the dopey

    Well Louis is obviously well schooled in cannabis cultivation and processing…after the state takes everything he owns, maybe they’ll make him work for the Keystone state’s medical pot program

  • pot smoker

    Now they seize all property and assets , as is right for illegal drug sales – and tax evasion on that business. ( yes it is illegal still ) PA only wants to use it on terminal and chronic patients , They wish to keep the problems of heavy dope smokers from our state as Co and Ca have discovered to be worthless individuals on the welfare dime . Wonder if this dealer was a recipient ?

    • Me

      That’s not true. There are multiple conditions that have been approved for MMJ use, including epilepsy, ptsd, and others. It’s not just terminal illnesses and chronic pain. As for the pot smoking welfarites, they are in the minority I’m sure, just like drinkers but with much less health problems. And then there’s economics, there aren’t enough jobs in this country for everyone at 100% employment. Think about it as your job security, those pot smoking welfarites. Haha

  • Fredric

    The operation went on for years in the open. Now the Big Gray Wall wants a monopoly and sends in the strong arms. My guess is they get minuscule time and penalties.

    • Drugs r bad

      You think they will honestly pay the right amount of taxes? I’m sure as its already been proven they break the law!

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