New Business in Wayne County Set to Open

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CANAAN TOWNSHIP -- Drivers in part of Wayne County will have a new place to fuel up soon.

Construction is nearly complete on a new gas station near Waymart.

There's a lot of traffic buzzing by on Route 6 between Carbondale and Waymart. So much, in fact, that a new gas station -- Iron Hill at 1940 -- is set to start capitalizing on these drivers next month atop Farview Mountain.

"We tried to build something the trucks and cars could get in and out easy, be convenient, and have what they want inside to grab and go," Elwood Merring explained.

Newswatch 16 got a look inside the store as the finishing touches are being put in place. The "mom and pop" gas station will include the usual food and drinks plus beer and wine.

Perhaps the biggest change is the property itself. For years a dirt lot that wasn't much to look at.

"For many, many years, this property has been just a parking lot for tractor-trailers looking for a place to park. Now it's a place for them to get fuel," said manager Tom Derrick.

Across Route 6, Gibney's Family Restaurant hopes the gas station and store boost business.

"Half the problem is trying to get customers to stop," said Richard Fofi at Gibney's. "If they stop across the street for gas, maybe it could benefit us."

The owners of Iron Hill 1940 decided they were in a prime position with this property on Route 6 on Farview Mountain, with SCI Waymart over the hill, with tons of employees, and then a federal prison just down the road as well.

"A lot of prison traffic goes through here from early morning to late at night," Derrick added.

Iron Hill at 1940 is expected employ roughly one dozen people when it opens next month.

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    The jobs just keep on coming. Can you imagine, they’ll be employee one dozen people. They didn’t say whether that is a normal dozen or a bakers dozen.

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