More than Food at the Fair

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BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS -- If you're a new food vendor and you have a unique item, you're probably going to get a lot of business at the Bloomsburg Fair. But what about the people at the fair who sell things besides food?

Everywhere you look at the Bloomsburg Fair, there are people walking around. Most of them are holding food. With around 1,300 vendors, the food is what draws many people to the Bloomsburg Fair.

At a fair that seems to revolve around deep-fried goodness, Alice Abiya sells her handmade African jewelry. She hopes to stand out at the fair by encouraging people to buy Christmas presents.

"There are unique foods. But besides that, there are unique other things," Abiya said.

"Delicious Horse Treats" is not the busiest stand at the Bloomsburg Fair, but they are popular among horse lovers. They sell all-natural horse treats and stand out because their primary focus is giving back to others.

"Raising funds for nonprofit equestrian organizations," said Allen Uhler. "In this case, it's the Bloomsburg University equestrian team."

Games and rides are popular at the Bloomsburg Fair, and one game is different. It's virtual reality.

"Destination Unknown" is a mobile virtual reality unit. Neal Watkins created it this summer and finished it about a week before the fair. He says it's hard getting people to initially come in.

"To spend the first $10 to experience virtual reality, it's hard for people to do," Watkins said.

Watkins said once people try it, they tell him they appreciate something this unique at the fair.

"I haven't had one person say I wish I wouldn't have done that."