Cyber Classes Offered to Hazleton High School Students

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- Rocco Petrone is the principal of Hazleton Area High School. He says the district gets a large number of students that enroll after the school year has already started.

Which means there's a lot of students playing catch up.

"Our thoughts here is to give the students the best opportunity for the best educational environment and the best education overall," said Petrone.

Petrone came up with the idea for a cyber classroom designed for new students who have been out of school for a while and have missed at least 22 days of the semester.

These students will be able to take online classes so they can get caught up at their own pace.

"What we want to do is ease them into it by putting them into the cyber classroom, hopefully giving them a sense of background, and the content of the course they are registering for," said Petrone.

Principal Petrone says the cyber classroom will not only help students but also the teachers.

Hazleton Area High School math teacher Ann Conflitti says the cyber classroom will help keep class sizes down and minimalize frustration new students may feel while trying to get caught up.

"You're always searching for ways to help students and students always come first, but you also want to help the teacher, too, so it's a give and take relationship but the most important piece is about the success in the classroom.

The cyber classes will be offered in multiple different languages.


  • 🙄

    It’s a great idea. It’s not easy transitioning into a new school. We put our kids in public school in January and it was hard for them because the work was so different from what they were doing. They were home schooled but my son didn’t like to sit and do his work so we had to put them in public just in case anyone was confused about putting them in public school. 😊

    • Writer Girl

      No. It’s likely that these kids just got here. Our tax dollars at work. Why did you take a name so similar to mine? Too dull to think up something more creative? Guess school didn’t help you much, either.

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