Bloomsburg Fair is a Longtime Tradition

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BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS -- Every year people come to the Bloomsburg Fair for the first time. Usually, they leave with happy memories and want to come back.

Bill May of Bloomsburg has 87 years of great memories. May owns three stands at the fair: May's Barbecue, Hot Dogs and Sundaes. But he started working here when he was only two years old, in his dad's white mice circus.

""That was when my dad painted me up like a clown and set me up on the ticket box," May said.

When May turned 11 he bought his first stand. He sold birch beer.

"And it was five cents. Five cents?! Five cents for a glass of birch beer, yes," May said.

This week May won the director's award for being a longtime vendor. He never misses a day at the Bloomsburg Fair.

"I haven't missed a fair since I was three years old. That's 91 years," Arlene Kile said.

Arlene Kile of Bloomsburg is 94-years-old and comes to the fair almost every day. She took my arm and showed me the good spots to go.

"I like the steak, sausage sandwiches and the Sunset Ice Cream," Kile said.

Both Kile and may walk to the fair each day. They remember what the fair was like many years ago. Kile's dad used to give her 25 cents to go to the fair. That was enough money to last her the day.

"The ladies all used to wear caps and white gloves. They were dressed in their Sunday best," Kile said.

"Well, it has spread way out. It keeps moving and moving," May said.

Both May and Kile love being here.

"It gets in your blood. It's things you grow up with and you enjoy doing," May said.

Both Kile and May tell Newswatch 16 they plan to come to the Bloomsburg Fair for as long as they are able.

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  • Mike Hunt

    Let’s be real. The only reason people go to the fair is so they can stuff their faces and wear their “best” clothes….

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