Vendors Happy for Cool Fair Weather

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BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS -- With five days of heat at the Bloomsburg Fair, it cooled off today about 20 degrees on Thursday.

Fairgoers are happy and vendors are relieved.

Earlier this week, temperatures were over 90 degrees. People did not want to eat.

Business at Gage's Concession was almost nonexistent. But now, business is back. Now that it's cooler outside, people want fried food again.

"Everyone's starting to buy food, pick up, eat, and enjoy yourself, walk around. They aren't sitting here passing out, getting picked up by the paramedics like they were on Monday," said Terry Stewart at Gage's Concession.

The normally very crowded Vince's Cheesesteaks debuted a new item this year: cheesesteaks in a bread cone. Without the crowds, not nearly as many people saw it.

"We do have that window of opportunity to generate some more sales that we didn't have previously and had last year. This year, the heat took it away earlier in the week and we hope to get it back," said Vince Cocca.

In addition to the vendors being busier because of the cooler weather, there are also more people playing games.

Instead of an almost-empty midway, people spent time trying to win prizes and going on rides. The Skyride was almost full. All of the vendors are optimistic for the rest of the fair.

"It is a great big change," said Debbie Horoschock at Frank's Famous Foods. "We're not used to running around with roller skates on, that's what we're doing today. And we had to close our curtain because now we're cold."