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People in the Poconos Prepping for Archery Season

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BRODHEADSVILLE -- Workers at Dunkleberger's Sports Outfitter in Brodheadsville have been tending to bows and selling arrows all week long.

It's all in preparation for archery season which opens statewide on Saturday.

"Right now, a lot of guys are picking up accessories, getting broadheads, scent killers, and quick fixes," said Eddie Kiser, Dunkleberger's Archery.

Darryen Weaver from Effort has been archery hunting for a few years now.

He stopped by the shop to pick up a new target before he hits the woods this weekend.

"My favorite part of hunting is just being in the woods and hopefully this year I will see a big buck," said Weaver.

In the past, people would be able to bring their archery gear to Dunkleberger's on Main Street in Stroudsburg but now it's all done at the Brodheadsville location. As you can imagine, workers are plenty busy with people coming in buying equipment and getting their bows fixed.

"We have been very busy now that we have taken all of the archery from Stroudsburg and moved it down here so now we have those customers and these customers all coming to one and it gets a little hectic but we are making it through," said Kiser.

Gerald Crawford is visiting from Tioga County and stopped in to look at the sporting gear. Crawford says he's been an archery hunter for many years, but this year he's waiting to go out and hunt.

"It's too warm, you know. You take a deer out there now, man you gotta get it out of the woods and you gotta get it out now. I don't like to hunt when it's this warm," said Gerald Crawford, Tioga County.

Statewide archery season runs from Saturday through November 11 and starts up again in some areas at the end of December.


  • III%

    OK let’s stop harvesting wildlife and all those research projects that the money from the sales of hunting license and products can go away not to mention the salaries of the people that protect the non huntable species then the non law abiding citizen can have free rein on the bald eagles and the elk and many other species then we can listen to you bitch and whine about that stop and try thinking if it wasn’t for sportsmen and women Alot of these animals would exist in Pennsylvania so until you do your research shut up and quit letting your stupidity show

    • john williams

      Writer Girl, with all due respect, if it were not for Hunters and Fishermen, THERE WOULD BE NO FUNDING FOR WILDLIFE CONSERVATION! the money doesnt come from Obama supporters or BLM, trust me. It comes from sales of liscenses and the Federal Excise tax on ammunition, firearms and sporting goods. Please investigate the facts, talk to a Wildlife Conservation Officer, and educate yourself!

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