Despite Controversy, NFL Football Is On At Scranton VFW

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SCRANTON -- The Packers faced off against the Bears on Thursday night football.

At VFW Post 25 in Scranton, folks were watching. But that's not the case everywhere.

Some veterans clubs around the state and country are turning off NFL games, refusing to show them as players choose to kneel or sit during the national anthem.

"I don't like it, I don't like them kneeling, they are disrespecting the flag and the United States of America. It's as simple as that,” said Michael Rock of Scranton, a Vietnam War veteran.

It's an emotional controversy.

Many veterans in Scranton say they don't agree with the protests, but they don't think turning off the games is the answer.

"I can't say that I wouldn't show football in here because there are people who come in here that aren't veterans and they're social members and they also have rights. They have rights to come in here and watch football, for me not to let them watch football, to me, I'm playing along with the NFL players,” said VFW Post 25 Commander James Kuchwara.

"People in here like football, how are you gonna say ok, when you come in on Sunday, you're not gonna watch football because we're not happy with this NFL business at all?” said Rock.

Others say they agree with banning the games. They'll never watch the NFL again.

"I would ban football. I think it's absolutely ridiculous to watch a bunch of overpaid football player and anyone who gets paid the amount of money they do to kneel in a stadium in front of the American people. It's disgusting,” said Coleen Mecca of Dunmore.


  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    The thing is, we’re getting upset for them disrespecting the flag. You gotta consider the source folks!

    What do we except from this crowd? Exactly what we’re getting. Shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    What the bigger issue REALLY is, is that fact that the coaches or owners don’t yank these retards off the fields by their ears.

    The BLM’s and the ANTIFA’s have people so scared to stand up to them out of fear of public ridicule that it becomes stifling.

    Maybe nationally a boiling point will be reached, maybe not.

    Until then, NIMBY.

    • El Ma

      LLOYD, someone else wrote on another board about coaches like Landry and Ditka and how they would have handled such ridiculousness. Wanna protest? SURE – do it on your own time.

  • πŸ™„

    Btw by kneeling during the National Anthem, they’re direspecting their own race cuz there we’re black men and women who fought and died for them. They probably never even thought of that. What a bunch of wingnut!!

  • πŸ™„

    I don’t watch football. I could care less about it but to knnel during the National Anthem is completely disrespectful. I don’t care what color or race you are it’s disrespectful. The national anthem has nothing to do with all this BLM crap. It’s about all the men and women who fought for this country and dies doing so. These NFL players need to show some respect because the men and women fought and died for them as well. They need to take their agenda some where else. A professional sports event is not the time or place for it. They do it just because of all the air time they get on TV and they look like a bunch of jackasses for doing it!

  • Steve E

    I think we ALL need to calm down a bit. If you don’t like the protests, don’t watch the first 5 minutes. Grab your beer, go eat a few wings and then settle in for the rest of the game. Why stop watching a sport you like just because you disagree with the politics of the players? After the anthem, the rest of the game is just that.

  • Givemeabreak

    If we ever have to “stand” TOGETHER against any enemy foreign or domestic I say we put the kneelers on the front of the line while we stand united behind them. Then we will see who stands with us.

  • El Ma

    I have 4 immediate family members buried in National Cemeteries across the country. Each of these individuals served my country with dignity and courage-under-fire. Their dedication to our Constitution continues to guarantee that citizens maintain the Right to protest and to speak freely, even when the speech or motives for protesting are flawed and misconstrued.

    The Right to free speech and protest has its place and time. NFL players were prohibited from wearing anything that would indicate support of murdered Law Enforcement Officers, and Tebow was castigated for kneeling for an end-zone prayer of thanks to God. Only CERTAIN expressions seem to be “allowed” within the NFL – a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry that is no longer about “The Game,” but more about marketing and consumers. It seems that these actions are deliberately designed to fuel a greater divide, a greater sense of outrage, and a deeper disdain for petulance in this country.

    As far as I’m concerned, the NFL has had it. That any VFW or Legion facility would still air games is beyond my ability to comprehend. These players can’t be bothered to lift a finger to assist any of these veterans or their families, OR donate any portion of their obscene salaries to benefit their own communities with better schools, safer playgrounds, free birth control, or green spaces for home-grown produce. The players, the owners, coaches, and staff are only concerned about their own agenda and that does not include protesting injustice, by any stretch of the imagination. If these men TRULY wanted to protest, they would do it on their own time, go home to their own neighborhoods to speak and to advocate, and Do Something Positive to encourage people to begin doing the Right Thing for themselves, and for their Country.

    It’s outrageous, and its intolerable. We aren’t obligated to like the President! But, it is right and just to pay reverence to our Flag and to our National Anthem.

    • EL WAAAAAA!!!

      Well, that’s one snowflake’s opinion. I expect our military to be made of sterner stuff than the crybabies here whining about their hurt feelings because not everyone falls in line like blind sheep for a song and a flag (disrespectfully) laying on the field.

      Patriotism shouldn’t be coerced.

      • El Ma

        No, patriotism shouldn’t be coerced. It should be INGRAINED as an obligation.

        Take your snarky little self to Afhganistan or Honduras. There’s nothing touchy-feely about military service, and pray that the day never comes when you need help to defend yourself. If you speak to people in Real Life like you do on anonymous internet forums, you’ll be on your own and nobody will even blink in your direction.

  • Lance

    How can they do this while wearing the flag on their uniforms?Politics and personal agendas should not be on the field. Don’t disrespect the flag.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I don’t care who takes a knee. I don’t watch the
    crap to begin with.

    What can we expect really? It’s macho liberalism. Very strange actually.

    • El Ma

      I will never watch another professional football game, again. When MLB began striking and ignoring the financial support of fans, worldwide, I stopped watching baseball games. I have no use for the NFL, either.

      • DCV

        Funny…murder, rape, domestic abuse, dog-fighting, etc. in the NFL you were OK with then? All these people up in arms over this makes me sick. Total hypocrites!!

  • Dave

    Going off subject because I don’t care about local peoples reaction to the NFL, but I will say this:

    How are Trump supporters raciest because they want to close the borders ?
    -You would think Welfare people would want less people using the money. It’s more for them.
    -You would think Middle Class would want less people using the money, It’s less taxes.
    -California collage kids should shut up, their not paying taxes yet.

  • Frank

    Remember when Kapernick started this by sitting on the bench during the anthem? People, at the time, didn’t raise a huge stink. however, some people said it was disrepectful to service men/women. A former Green Beret (Nate Boyer) reached out to Kapernick and, together, they decided that kneeling was the better way to do it. Why? Becuase soldiers take a knee in front of a fallen brother’s grave in a show of respect.

    In other words, kneeling was chosen as the appropriate way to protest to SHOW repsect for those who have served in the military.

    It’s awfully convenient how many people refuse to acknowledge this and falsely spread the “disrespect” lie around. No one was talking about it before Trump opened his mouth and stated falsities.

  • whatever831

    I honestly don’t care if you don’t like the president. You don’t have to. The President of the United States should not be on social media in my opinion. That being said, don’t disrespect the flag and our country for what it stands for. Find another way to send a message. Why are football teams using games as a platform like this? First with the black lives matter crap and now this. Take it somewhere else!

  • Robert

    So Tebow wears a cross and takes a knee and he’s demonized. Kaepernick wears cops are pigs on his socks takes a knee and he’s a hero. I’m at a loss for words.

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