Aurora Theater Shooter Transferred to Pennsylvania Prison

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DENVER -- The Aurora theater shooter has been transferred to a federal prison, the Colorado Department of Corrections said Wednesday night, according to KDVR.

The killer has been serving time in a Colorado state prison.

"The state sought to place the inmate in the federal system several months ago, but placement required finding space at a facility that could provide appropriate security," a statement from the DOC said. "That space recently became available and the move to the federal prison was secured."

His location was updated on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website early Thursday morning to USP Allenwood, a high-security federal prison in Pennsylvania,

He is serving 12 life sentences plus 3,318 years for the shooting in July 2012 that killed 12 people and injured 70 at the Century 16 theaters in Aurora. He was sentenced in August 2015.


  • RicU.

    Just for giggles, Allenwood is a MAX HOUSE formerly home to the “Watergate 500” such as John Dean. It is a Maximum Security Prison but the conditions are what have rise to the term “Club Fed.”

    You want a BAD house, try Sing Sing or Fishkill or Rikers Island in NYS.

    • Dylan

      Where is the “Mercy” for the taxpayers that have to pay to feed, clothe and house this maniac, along with providing him with better Healthcare than most average Americans get??? Would that money be better used for College educations for people? Better Healthcare for America? This is a clear cut Death penalty deserving nutbag! Let’s expand the death penalty to include child abusers and pedophiles as well but no more question- Make the Death penalty AUTOMATIC in these cases

      • Mr Don

        “Where is the “Mercy” for the taxpayers” Sorry that has NOTHING to do with what i stated…. Making someone live without freedom is much more of a punishment then ending their life.. That is how I see it. But feel free to see it how you like,,, this is America

      • Dylan

        No MURDERING 12 people in a theater is wrong, “Killing” rabid people like this man is doing justice for society. You would not lock up a Rabid fox or dog would you? No, You would put it down before it hurt someone, Or someone else if it already bit. Leave this idiot alive Why?/ So he could suckle at the taxpayer teet? Maybe Shank a prison guard while he is in Jail?? Someone who is a nice gy and works for a living to provide for his family? No, Put people like this guy down before they murder again. There is a huge difference between “murder” and “Killing”

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