Warm Weather Wilts Attendance Numbers at Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- There is something noticeably different about the Bloomsburg Fair this year. There are a lot fewer people walking around the fairgrounds.

"It's affected a lot of the vendors and attendance is down considerably," said fair president Paul Reichart.

It's down by more than 36,000 people. Fair officials and vendors believe attendance is down because of the heat.

"In the 14 years I've worked here, I don't remember wearing shorts here ever," said vendor Sean Thomas.

Vendors believe three days in a row of more than 90-degree weather is keeping people home.

"Leaving last night, there were cars out to only row 10. Usually, when I leave that late, there are cars out to the end," Thomas said.

"Who would have thought that sunny, beautiful days would be bad days at fair? But 90 degrees doesn't cut it," said vendor Cheri Bissinger.

It's rare to see Bissinger's Apple Dumplings without a line wrapped around the stand. The heat has taken a toll on business. It has owner Cheri Bissinger saying words she thought she'd never say.

"I think we might have had better attendance if it was rainy rather than 90 degrees."

The heatwave is expected to break for the rest of the fair. Vendors believe over the next three days, they'll see an increase in business.

"The next three days look wonderful according to the forecast and I think all of us are going to see an increase in business," Bissinger added.


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