Tragedy on the Lake: Remembering Leah Loomis

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GREENFIELD TOWNSHIP -- It's a death that has shocked a quiet lake community and an entire school district. A high school senior is gone, and her friends and family are in shock.

17-year-old Leah Loomis of Carbondale Township was a senior at Lakeland High School, a cheerleader with lots of friends.

Fire officials say Loomis fell from a boat on Newton Lake near Carbondale Tuesday and never resurfaced. Dive teams searched for hours over two days before they found her body.

People who knew her well were too upset to speak on camera, but told Newswatch 16 that Leah "could make you laugh even if you thought it was impossible."

"She was immensely loved by family and friends who are in total shock," one person said.

"Going through our senior year without her by our side will be one of the hardest things we will ever have to endure," said another.

One person called Leah "one of those rare, beautiful gems who even at a very young age was never afraid to be herself."

Quietly, people have been laying flowers on Newton Lake in memory of the girl who lost her life there.

A vigil is planned for Thursday night at the beach on Newton Lake.

Officials with Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission are investigating.

An autopsy Thursday revealed Loomis drowned accidentally due to head trauma.


  • Mike Hunt

    Lost a dear friend to a drunk driver the August prior to our senior year. Bothers all of us to this day, 33 years later. She, too, was 17 and full of life.

  • maria

    Oh my heart :( I’m so deeply touched, hurt and sorry to all of Leah’s family and friends. Why oh Lord do these things happen, especially to a young angel with her whole life ahead of her. God bless and keep you all. I pray that you find solace and some peace although I’m sure it seems so impossible right now. I wish I could take your pain away…this gorgeous angel will be with each one of you forever. Again, my deepest sorrow and love to all heartbroken.

  • paula b

    Who were her friends and what did they do after she fell in? Reporters should really report and not gloss over important facts.


      MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. This has impacted so many. If your just that nosy that you NEED to know how a 17 year old reacted in a traumatic situation, you have no life. REMOVE YOURSELF


    Let’s hope the news and other media outlets can stay away from the vigil and let everyone’s grieve in private…

    • magicmikexxsm

      REALLY? No more a troll then you are..what ever you are… you just don’t like the cold hard truth..if she went to school would she not be alive right now???? your answer should be yes… shut up and run along , you have been schooled….

    • phil

      don’t even bother. this dude probably just sits at home all day kissing trump pictures, being a white supremesist (perfectly acceptable these days) and being a cynical POS. guarantee he has no friends or anyone that even cares to hear the feces that pours out of his bigoted, racist blow hole so he just comes here and dumps it on every single article along with his other handful of evil white trumptard brethren that are on every article.

    • Really?

      You really are pathetic. Seriously, EVERY article I read has your name under it. I’m sure you use multiple devices to like your own comments as well. You strike me as one of those people. Go spew your nonsense on an article that is a little less devastating to this young ladies friends and family. And I’ve been schooled? Ha, not quite. I don’t need to be “educated” by a man who lives in his parents basement and thinks that the world cares what he thinks. A young lady lost her life in a tragic accident and instead of sending condolences and moving on you want to turn it into some hard life lesson on how she would have been alive had she went to school as if that isn’t already a thought in the mind of her family and friends. Hindsight is 20/20, moran.

    • magicmikexxsm

      PHIL, REALLY?, lol look at these two tools. what a bunch of fools do a lot of assuming…you know what they say when you assume , you become the 1st 3 letters of assume…so that makes you both an a.$-$.especially really?…..Phil site me the part of my post that would be racist? or white supremacist?
      I’m sure when Lynn Swann ran for Gov of Pa, he’d be happy to know a white supremacist voted for him lol again Phill think of the 1st 3 letters in assume…… Now lets address some of the other issues, you lied about. I only post on the stories that interest me, not everyone as you idiots stated, 2. I have a very good job, payed my 1800sqft house off in 15yrs on a 30yr mortgage. I also bought a brand new car in 2016 for 30k…. I also served this great country for 11 years can both of you say you served? I won’t assume like you both are….
      I also like to just tell it like it is, sorry your little feelings got hurt, you both should try Prozac, but what I said about this girl is true, and you two like many don’t like to hear the truth…, it seems like both of you are democrats that voted for Hillary the loser, but again I’m not assuming Phil, and Really?, oh wait did I just assume? damn….oh well

    • Really?

      To have someone such as yourself serve our country is quite an embarrassment. I have family friends and family members who have served this country and would never act as you are. What are you trying to prove rambling on about your house and car? I have a very good job as well. I am a government employee. I own a car and a home. Is there a point to this? Do we get a prize?

  • Clarita coles

    Your article on Leah is so beautiful. Your reporting of our tragedy has eased our pain. So beautifully written. Thank you so much.

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