PA Trucking Company Delivers Hay and Hope to Montana Drought, Wildfire Victims

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Eau Claire, PA — A trucking company from Butler County is getting national attention for delivering hay thousands of miles away to ranchers in Montana affected by drought and wildfires.

“These ranches have been in these families for years, and it’s their livelihood,” Perry Altmire Jr. told the Billings Gazette.

Altmire┬álives in Eau Claire, PA, a small town in Butler County, and spearheaded the “PA for Montana” effort to coordinate and deliver hay donations to the region.

His trucking company delivered five truckloads of hay over 1,600 miles to Miles City, Montana.

Altmire’s delivery joins more than 30 other truckloads of donations delivered this month in Eastern Montana. The region continues to deal with the impact of a historically severe drought and a summer filled with relentless wildfires.

Facebook posts about Altmire’s efforts began catching the attention of users from all over and even more donations came pouring in.

“By Wednesday morning we had over 10,000 views and it just kind of took off,” Altmire said. “People just started donating anything, from monetary donations to loads of hay.”

For more information about the PA for Montana Fire Victims nonprofit group or to donate, call Altmire at (724) 791-2200.


  • Bartho

    SChuylk county “developers” waiting to sell some prime real estate on the Gordon mountain to the highest corporate bidder. Maybe that truck stop? Not until the time is right for personal profit or whatever happened last time.

  • mopar driver

    I wonder the feasibility of this haul from PA , fuel will cost more than the load and then transport costs , granted we have excess hay this year and it’s a good thing , but closer hay ?

    • RicU.

      Mopar Driver,
      A flatbed trailer can get a load anywhere. Because of the drought, there will be a lot of big heavy equipment coming east from auction houses and dealers. Hay, at a premium, will cover the cost. for the 3-4 shift (time reference) run west. Through in some federal and state aid and oil companies donating to the cause and this is no dead head run. I don’t see a greed move here but more of a good business move.

  • Deplorable

    Till the merciless dot officers get a hold of these guys. Sure they will take some donations of there own in the form of tickets

    • Caeser194

      I’ll bet DOT will have scales setup at the end of they’re at the 274 truckstop in White Haven,Dot is set up here as usual.

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