Fire Department Needs Bottled Water

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Firefighters typically need water for two things: to put out fires and to drink to stay hydrated.

One of those sources is running dry at Stroud Township Volunteer Fire Department near Stroudsburg.

"Our bottled water supply for rehab, on fires, training, everything that we do here in the fire service was at a critical level. It was low," said Chief William Unruh, Stroud Township Volunteer Fire Department.

Unruh says his crew goes through water faster than the department can keep up with. It's why he put this Facebook post up online, asking the community for help.

"We are volunteers and we do rely on donations, so with that being said, social media was so powerful," said Chief Unruh.

The volunteer fire department always relied on bottled water donations, but over the years, those donations have dried up and with the heat that we have been experiencing, they need it now more than ever.

"Yeah, this little Indian summer here, we've been busy. Our guys are hurting and we do need that water," said Chief Unruh.

The volunteer fire department has already received a few donations but can use a lot more.

Some residents who hear about the departments need for bottled water hope they get enough to keep them going for a while.

"They should 100 percent get donations. The fire department looks after us when we are sleeping, out of town. They look after us and we should definitely give them all the donations they need," said Gabryal Rabinowitz, Henryville.

"Any donation will be greatly appreciated at either one of our stations, here on North 5th Street or our Arlington Station, which is by the Stroud Mall," said Chief Unruh.

If you're interested in donating bottled water to the Stroud Township Volunteer Fire Department, you can do so at the North 5th Street location or at the Arlington Station.

If no one is at the fire station, the chief asks that you leave the water with someone in the township office.


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