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Summer-like Weather for Lake Wallenpaupack

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LAKE WALLENPAUPACK -- It was another record-breaking hot day and that means it feels like summer on Lake Wallenpaupack.

It sure feels like July as the sun beats down on the lake and feels like the dog days of summer as folks go for a walk near Hawley.

"It's beautiful, happy to have some summer left," said Audrey Torre of Hawley.

It's rare to see boaters and jet skis on the water so late in the year. Usually the air's much cooler and so is the water.

"We don't get this much. We're coming into six months worth of brown, so let's enjoy the last bit we can," said Angelo Santelli of Greentown who docked at Lighthouse Harbor Marina to gas up. He's waiting another week before taking his boat out of the water for the winter.

"Not at all normal, this is absolutely incredible to have this weather in September. Our tourists left. We have the lake to ourselves. There's nobody out here," he said.

"Now, we're actually getting phone calls from people saying please don't take my boat out. I want to get one or two more weekends because we're having these 90-degree days," said employee Steve Enoksen.

Workers at marinas around the lake are busy taking boats out before November and the potential for freezing temperatures. Sure seems like a long way off while people enjoy 90-degree weather.