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Schools to Dismiss Early Again Due Hot Weather

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For the second straight day, Scranton and Tunkhannock school districts are dismissing students early due to the heat.

For Scranton:

High schools and the intermediate schools let out at 11:15 a.m.
The elementary schools dismiss at 12 p.m.
The district says breakfast and lunch will still be served in Lackawanna County.
For Tunkhannock:

At 12 p.m., the outline buildings dismiss.
Roslund Elementary lets out at 12:30 p.m.
The high school and middle school dismiss at 1 p.m.


  • Lance

    I want these school hours to be made up. This is nonsense. A third of a day is not a whole day. What are we paying taxes for?


    one inch of snow they call off. 86 degrees is a heat wave so no school. Some of the smarter kids IN nepa especially the skook are studying hard just to leave the area anyway! give them a field trip maybe to Canada!

  • Fact

    Don’t blame the kids, teachers, or administrators. The parents that call complaining and threatening lawsuits are the only reason these things happen.

  • tiredofthepussies

    Ridiculous, well its not cooler at home!!! I can’t afford to run my A/C units with the electric company raping me every month and getting away with it. As long as the districts get their money who cares about the kids. The ppl on here about health issues and stupid crap like that is PURE IDIOCY!!! Lets all just keep our children locked up inside so they don’t breathe in all this pollution. Let me guess you ppl were in schools like this where if it threatened to snow they cancelled or let you go early. Or if the sun was too bright, or the grass too green, or Bobby got bullied by someone other child calling him a poopoo head, so lets leave early so we can all de-stress from such a terrible event.. LMFAO… wow and everyone wonders y we have cash registers counting change for these kids. Pathetic.

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    Considering we don’t know what health issues some of the children may have, or even the teachers/administrators… the heat and humidity can be deadly. Asthma, with this humidity and the pollen can be horrific for anyone with allergies or lung issues like COPD or even PE. Decades of pollution and neglect in this area have made for health issues that can’t be blamed on those who have them. Lighten up — you all sound like a bunch of old farts. I’m sure your parents said the SAME THINGS about your generation. Break the cycle of idiocy.

    • Jessica In Scranton

      Oh, the poor little children who might have to suffer or sweat. Get over yourself AND these pampered kids. Asthma can be managed with proper medication and breathing exercises. Or, is it too much to expect these kids to learn to take responsibility for their own selves? COPD is a diagnosed disease with adequate rescue inhalers. Let the parents determine what is best for these kids instead of placing the onus on the school systems! Why is the school board making these decisions, and not the parents?

      Us old farts survived quite well without air conditioning, sensitivity awareness, and petulant quasi-SJW’s like yourself. STAY in Williamsport, if you could, please.

      • JessicaInWilliamsport

        Perhaps it’s because of the parents and fear of being sued they’re being sent home? Some of those things can’t be adequately managed on medication alone. Why exacerbate something and have to use the meds when that can be avoided? Do you freak out if your kids can’t have a PB sandwich at school because it might kill a classmate? Because, of course, those kids must be wimps too… By the way, I too went to school in the heat, as I’m 47 years old, but I do recall school being canceled for extreme cold while I was still in school.

        I’m proud to be called SJW — that’s just short for decent human being. :-) Have a nice day.

      • Sheer The Sheeple

        Children need to learn at the earliest possible age that life isn’t fair and that we sometimes need to do things that we really dont want to do. Things like homework, standing up for ourselves, dealing with weather, and using our own heads.

        Sjw aren’t decent human beings. They are people who demand a Utopia where everyone is privileged rather than equal. This is what has happened to the world. Instead of being equals, now you all want to be privileged instead of members of a community. Everyone has their problems but Sjw’s make the mountains out of the molehills and feminism into a dirty word.

        Take your bleeding little heart to Mexico and help them out with the aftermath of the earthquake if you want to do something to help humanity. After going down to florida to help hurricane victims there I have to say that it brings everythign into focus and that is what you need wmpt jessica. You need to go do something instead of pretending that you care.

    • Grow Up Already

      No Einstein,
      It’s called “Snowflakery”
      It’s a liberal disease where every little baby has some excuse whenever there’s a little stress in their lives.
      I’ve never seen so many little babies with a long list of ailments as I do these days.

  • Brian

    These spoiled brats have life way too cushy. Instead of sending them home, take them outside, and have class under a tree or something.


    Since when is northeast generic Northeast pa all of a sudden Tucson Arizona or Elpaso Texas. This is hilarious. You guys cant handle anything. The coal region used to be tough in 1938. Now its a bunch of enabling entitled little whiners.

    • MisterPL

      I’m pretty sure Tucson and El Paso schools have air conditioning. Unfortunately not all Scranton schools do. The powers that be have more important things to spend money on, like a chauffeur for the new superintendent because she doesn’t like to drive herself.


        Come on its not all that hot. open the windows its like 105 in Arizona today. whats scranton 86 with no humidity big deal. its only a few days. try all year in some areas.

    • Jessica In Scranton

      Theyve become a generation of whining panty-waists unless theyre into sports. Then they run the life out of those kids so the team can win win win! Priorities are sports stadium first and climate control never.

  • MisterPL

    Maybe if voters hired folks capable of fiscal responsibility, these schools wouldn’t be in such a sad state of neglect.

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