Rescue Crews Search for Drowning Victim in Lackawanna County

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GREENFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Dive teams spent hours searching Newton Lake Tuesday afternoon after a teen girl fell from a boat.

Fire officials say she never resurfaced.

"I heard some crazy screaming today. I thought it was some kids playing. I'm thinking to myself, it sounds unusual for kids to be hollering and screaming in that tone, but I was doing some computer work, paperwork for the business and didn't think twice about it,” said John Lee, who is vacationing at Newton Lake.

"Some friends and I heard, were swimming and heard a lady scream and that was about it after that. It's all up in the air and surreal,” said Newton Lake resident Paul Mancini.

Dive teams came quickly from several counties. They used sonar in the search while people who live or vacation on the lake waited and watched, with all eyes on the water.

“Obviously you hear something like that and you reach out for your children and make sure they're accounted for when you hear you know possibly it's a teenager and it's just a terrible tragedy and we're just praying for the family,” said Lori Cline, a Newton Lake resident.

"I'm afraid. My kids are now afraid and you know we just try to teach them water safety and boat safety,” said resident Amanda Spangenberg.

People who live at Newton Lake said the last time they can remember a drowning here was the 1980s.

"When I was a kid, I remember it happened, but I was too young to know it was going on, but I know it was in the '80s. We lost a young man at the time. It's times like this that bring the whole community together, and it's just a shame it has to be under these circumstances,” said Mancini.

There is no word on the name of the victim.


  • Warrior30411

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  • Loriann

    Lakeland did not let out early. If she wasn’t in school, it wasn’t because of a school early dismissal. But regardless, how inconsiderate of you to say. No need to still dwell on schools letting out early when talking about a young girls death. Shame on you.

    • magicmikexxsm

      LORIANN So the premise of my first post is correct. regardless of the reason why she wasn’t in school, if she was in school she’d still be alive this morning…..

    • There-I fixed it for you

      That’s horrible. Thinking of her family and how they will wake up everyday without their daughter for the rest of their lives.

      • 🙄

        It wasn’t meant to be heartless. I feel bad for the family losing a daughter, sister, niece, grand daughter. It was just a question. Jeepers! I get real funky about it cuz my daughter fell into a pond and didn’t have a life jacket on. We almost lost her. That’s the only reason I was wondering about a life jacket.

      • There-I fixed it for you

        Thanks for clarifying. However it comes across as heartless. I’m sure her father is going to be up all night tonight thinking about where her life jacket was. Comments like this are hurtful.

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