Paulo Costanzo Joins New Season of ‘Designated Survivor’

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The second season of ABC's hit show "Designated Survivor" premieres Wednesday night at 10 p.m. on WNEP-TV.

Newswatch 16's Sharla McBride sat down with one of the drama's new stars, Paulo Costanzo, who joins the show as a series regular this season as the new chief political adviser to the White House, Lyor Boone.

"He's a very strange, quirky, brilliant man who kind of shoots from the hip and is kind of off putting at times because he's extremely honest, but that's what the president reacts to and responds to. He likes that there's someone who's just not, there's no filter there. He's saying things exactly as he sees them," Costanzo said.

Viewers here in northeastern and central Pennsylvania have really taken to this show partly because of WNEP's involvement in the show.

Newswatch 16 anchors and reporters play the newscasters that are seen on TV on the show.

Again, you can catch the season two premiere of "Designated Survivor" Wednesday night at 10 p.m. on WNEP.


  • El Ma

    This is a true piece of news that absolutely should overshadow whatever trivial issues that REAL survivors of recent natural catastrophes are suffering, right at this very moment.

    Yes, indeed. Television programming and sponsor advertisements are so much more newsworthy than …….. oh …… how citizens in Puerto Rico are dying by the bucketload from a lack of potable water and food. Yes. Absolutely. And, if my sarcasm isn’t obvious in print, here’s the affirmation: I’m being sarcastic. I honestly couldn’t give one sh*t, two sh*ts, or a red sh*t, or blue sh*t about “Designated Survivor,” “Naked And Afraid,” “Housewives of Atlanta,” or “NFL Game Night.”

    I rid myself of television programming (“programming” being the operative word) many years ago by discontinuing my cable service. I the only thing better than that decision was when I deleted my social media account and opted out of the infusion of B.S.

    What about those people in the ravaged parts of the country that still don’t have water, power, or shelter?

  • magicmikexxsm

    I started watching this when it first came on…It’s a very good show, but with the 24/7 news cycle of bashing the real president, after hearing that all day then sit down at night and listen to a tv show about the gov’t, was tiring…so I stopped watching it.., but like I said it is a very well done show.

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