Ice Cream, Cold Drinks Keeping Fairgoers Cool

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BLOOMSBURG FAIRGROUNDS -- In addition to cooling stations, people are finding ways to beat the heat at the Bloomsburg Fair.

First responders have treated more than 100 people for heat-related cases over the last three days.

While some attractions are not too busy at the Bloomsburg Fair, other places are pretty crowded. It depends on whether there is shade.

"There's not a whole lot you can do, but it's a ritual, a tradition and you can see all the people here. They still drew a crowd even with the heat," said Jim Brogan of Avoca.

The Bloomsburg Fair set up cooling tents and fans that mist water to keep fairgoers cool, but people found other ways to beat the heat.

The farm animals are always a big draw at the fair. While the buildings are not air-conditioned, it is much cooler there than it is outside. With this hot weather, the buildings are a hot spot for fairgoers.

Alice Erdly and her family cooled off in the horticulture building.

"It's cooler near the fountain. I know where to go to cool off," Erdly said.

"It's definitely a lot cooler in this building," said Michelle Dore of Tunkhannock. "It's a good way to go shopping and get away from the heat."

The lines were long at the ice cream stands.

In addition to the ice cream, people are checking out some drinks at "La Casita." It's traditional Mexican fruit water."

"In Mexico, if you go, you would see a stand like this at the markets," said Flora Gomez.

With flavors like lime, strawberry, melon, and coconut, people are enjoying something other than soda.

"It's been a big hit with this hot weather. Everybody wants something refreshing."

It's worth noting that attendance is down about 30,000 at this year's Bloomsburg  Fair, most likely because of the heat.

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