Former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner Wants to Serve Sentence at Federal Prison in Schuylkill County

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- A federal prison in Schuylkill County could possibly be getting an infamous inmate: Anthony Weiner.

Yes, that Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former New York congressman who got caught sending graphic photos and videos to an underage girl.

Weiner will spend 21 months in federal prison for sending graphic photos to and having obscene video chats with a 15-year-old girl, but it's where the former candidate for mayor of New York City wants to spend his time behind bars that's raising some eyebrows in Schuylkill County.

Weiner's attorney told a federal judge in New York City that his client would prefer to serve his time at the federal prison near Minersville.

“I really don't know what to say on that one. That's just a mess,” said John Schumann.

“Why us? I don't know what else to say. Why us?” said Lydia Laughlin.

According to the request made by Weiner's attorney, Weiner wants visitation with his young son while he's locked up. A prison in New York where he could go is a maximum-security facility. Weiner would prefer to stay at FCI Schuylkill, which has both a medium and minimum-security camp.

“I always heard that that was a country club up there, so I know it's a minimum security, and they jokingly call it a country club, so maybe he's looking for an easy stay,” said Bob Laughlin.

On its website, the facility lists several sports, games, and other activities for inmates, including music programs and arts and crafts. Inmates are served continental breakfasts daily with an extra brunch on weekends.

“I mean, yeah he's going to be locked up, but he probably has the easiest place, the easiest sentencing, the nicest prison to go to with the most relaxed rules,” said Laughlin.

The judge did not rule on what facility Weiner would go to, only saying he has to report to the Bureau of Prisons before 2 p.m. on November 6.

The Bureau of Prisons says we will only know where Weiner is being held after he is admitted into the system.


  • Randy

    I heard The Weiner is going is going to find Jesus while he’s in the joint. When he comes out he is going to switch to the Republican Party, buy a foreign car, put a NObama bumper sticker on it, shop at the mart, (buying as many foreign products as possible), while at the same time blaming Obama for the country loosing jobs to overseas factories not the people in this country buying these products instead of “Made in America”. Of course he’s going to scream like a mad man that the Dems are “they’re gonna take your guns away”. Of course he’s gonna tell you how god told him to get back into politics and do the right thing. And of course the Republicans are going to take this for a fact, hook, line and sinker.

  • Not my real name

    There are 2 medium security federal prisons in New York- Otisville and Ray Brook. I hope the judge says no to his BS request and sends him to one of those. Or better yet the judge says hey you should’ve thought of your kid when you were committing crimes and sends him across the country.

  • Tom Collins

    And when this flake gets out im sure the DNC will purchase this peddo a house in Florida like they did for poor old feel the burn!

  • Jn570

    And this is what’s wrong with society idiots that can’t get it through their head they are suppose to be the upstanding citizens they should get the worse treatment ever

  • Huggy

    SEDCO can claim they brought a political celebrity to the schunt. They need something besides distribution centers on their track record before the not so bright/very slow skookies realize it’s such a waste and the area has only gone downhill since it’s inception. SEDCO and the corporations laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Gram 1969

    NO INMATE should be able to “pick or request ” where they deserve to do time ! Especially pervs like this ! Let him deal with it in NY state ! Let their taxpayers dollars pay for his stay – not ours ! Ridiculous !

    • Jay

      It’s federal prison. Why would it make any difference to New York state taxpayers whether he’s lodged in New York or any other state?

  • Lance

    The all star of the pervert hall of shame wants to come to NEPA. Possibly so he can blend in with tje rest of the sickos here?

    • Storm Grates Need Red Balloons

      Right you are, Ken, and he’ll be joining fellow members of the Hide The Wiener Club when he does.

  • Gopher Grace

    Yeah that’ll teach him! Only a single brunch for you. No wonder he keeps going back to the high schools for his jollys

  • Perks for politicians

    Since when do inmates get to choose where they do their time. This isn’t like going on vacation and choosing a hotel!! Let the system put him where it chooses in NEW YORK.

    • Storm Grates Need Red Balloons

      Since people stopped caring. This figgit needs to be strung up from the yardarm. Indeed he is a wieeeeeeeeeeener.

    • Sam I Am

      It’s the norm for many years, some of the lower level watergate guys spent time at the other country club in Allenwood, the higher ups from Watergate went to a Florida country club prison

  • Stumpy

    no mention he’s a democrat, WNEP’s Peggy Lee? just happened to leave out that detail? and i wonder why 87% of people don’t trust the media ?

  • Rjelq

    Skook perfect for a convicted pedo type like. Tony weiner. Home of Strange High school Sports addicts , Sandusky sympathisers and pedo street roamers. A match made in heaven.

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