Father Faces Abuse Charges after Allegedly Breaking Infant’s Arm

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ARCHBALD -- An 18-year-old father from Lackawanna County is behind bars, charged with allegedly breaking his infant daughter's arm.

Kylie Mlyczk, 18, of Archbald was home alone with his infant daughter when the baby girl suffered a break in her arm.

Police say Mlyczk had been drinking and it was 24 hours before the baby saw a doctor.

Archbald police were called to a suspected child abuse case on Monday after the 6-week-old girl was brought into the Wright Center in Archbald with a broken arm.

Police later arrested Mlyczk and charged him with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

"We understand kids fall and get hurt and things like that happen. At 6 weeks old, it's kind of uncommon for the child to end up with an injury like this," said Archbald Police Chief Tim Trently.

Chief Trently says Mlyczk and the baby's mother were brought in for an interview.

"We ask them why this happened and how this happened, and we try to put it together to see if it actually fits the injury."

Mlyczk told officers that he was watching the infant at their home in Valley View Estates mobile home park and that the baby rolled over and injured her arm.

Officers say they knew that wasn't true since the child is too young to roll over on her own.

Mlyczk would go on to admit that he was drinking most of the day while watching the baby and that he may have tugged her arm too hard while changing her.

In court papers, Mlyczk explains that he called a doctor when the baby seemed to be in pain but didn't receive a call back. The baby wouldn't see a doctor until 24 hours after being hurt.

"It's unfortunate, but it does happen in our world today and we see it quite a bit," said Chief Trently.

Kylie Mlyczk was taken to the Lackawanna County Prison and is being held on $165,000 bail. Archbald police tell us the case is still under investigation.


  • Mike Pisanchyn

    Hey Kylie please give me a call. I can help you out with your criminal problems as well as your transgenderism issues.

  • Dylan

    Ahhh the Welfare State at it’s finest. Take the child from them, She’ll have a far better chance at a normal life than with this Welfare POS

  • El Ma

    The story begins with, “An 18 year old father……” with a photo of some guy that’s really putting an effort into looking hard into the camera. He’s not a “father” by any stretch of the imagination. He’s a sperm donor, and one that would never have been accepted into a legitimate depository if his background had been researched.

    The mother in this situation is probably also a teenager. I’ve typed it too many times to do it, again, but there are some people that should never, ever, EVER reproduce. We’ve got enough to deal with, as it is, and there is no cure for stupid. It’s genetic. It can’t be adjusted. It just is.

    That poor baby. Six weeks old? He broke the arm of a six-week old BABY?!?! Yeah, he a man. He be like….a man. Oh, godalmighty……what a world.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Is this a black guy with a 12 year old girls nickname as a first name and a Polish last name? No wonder he’s angry….

  • Why Is It So

    Does it seem like the evolutionary process stopped for some members of a certain race? It’s almost as if a lot of them are living like it’s Africa in the 1600’s and never moved forward.
    Not all, just a percentage.

  • Gopher Grace

    Its hard for sane people to hold it together as new parents. The mom can be ornery, dad doesnt understand why. The boozing doesnt help things murica.

    • El Ma

      NOTJOEMADDEN, was there a casino involved in this tragic assault? Gawd, I just cannot tolerate anyone of any color harming a child. That is the lowest of the low because they can’t fight back.

      Take this jackass out into a crowd of his peers and instruct them to swing away at him. That would be just and right.

  • I looked in the mirror

    So tearing all those monuments down, burning all those Confederate flags, and taking a knee still hasn’t changed anything. Hmmm…

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Exactly and it never will. I was going to post my normal drivel, but you covered it all.

      All I could add would be to take him out to a field and put him down.

  • Smh

    Scumbags come I all colors! I mean the comments on here prove that. Remember, the poor innocent baby is also black so you’re kind a hating on her too there people.

  • 🙄

    That poor innocent baby! The” father” needs to be charged with underage drinking, assault, endangering the welfare of a child, etc. It’s so sad that people do this kind of stuff to an infant. I hope they don’t allow that baby back with those parents. I know the mother wasn’t there but when a baby cries uncontrollably, which I’m sure she did, you have to wonder why and get to the er to see what’s wrong.

  • Come On

    Would not be surprised if the mother was white, out working while the boyfriend sat home watching video games and the baby.

      • 🙄

        Sick of the racist comments! It doesn’t matter what race they are. They story is about an infant being abused not the color of the parents skin! Get a grip people!

      • Horses are not for meat

        You can thank Geo. Soros, ANTIFA, BLM, Soros, NeoNazis, NFL players, the alt-left and alt-righr, and every SJW supporter for the racist comments. In the past 3 years, there has not been as much racial tension and divide as exists, right now. We can thank t for the comments being race based. This has been the intent since Obama was made President. It no longer matters that its a child involved.

      • 🙄

        And that is very unfortunate. A 6 week old can’t defend itself or speak for itself. And all people care about is the race. This country is headed down the toilet fast! And people all want to blame the president for it all. Everyone needs to remember all of this racism started before Trump became President. So I totally agree with you.

      • Tom

        How many times have we heard of the black boyfriend and the white mother who is out working while the boyfriend is home abusing the child? Yes, it’s the innocent child that suffers here. But facts are facts and the above boyfriend / girlfriend combination is repeated over and over again.

      • El Ma

        Sadly, the “racism” has validity in that the statistics on these behaviors are abysmal and incomprehensible.

        How can anyone of any color demand that they be treated with preferences when their own culture allows this type of behavior? Little girls having little babies while little boys pretending to be men does not make a society or culture “great.” This weakens a society and culture, and where is BLM standing on the crimes against their own? Like this POS that breaks the arm of a tiny infant.

        Yeah, BLM only when it involves law enforcement of professional football. Someone. Stop me, now.

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