Families Reach Settlement with Cabot

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DIMOCK TOWNSHIP -- Two families who had their legal victory against Cabot Oil & Gas thrown out by a judge have now reached a settlement with the company.

Lawyers for the Ely and Hubert families would not release the specifics of the settlement, but said the families are "happy and relieved to have these past litigated matters behind them."

They were among 15 families to sue Cabot in 2009 saying their water in Dimock was contaminated by fracking. The other families settled before the case went to trial.

Last year, a jury awarded the Elys and Huberts $4.2 million at trial, but a judge said that verdict was unjustified and threw it out.


  • look in the mirror

    Any society that knowingly pollutes its food, water and air is insane. Permitting corporations to profit from knowingly doing this is criminal.

  • Caeser194

    Cabot was going to run a 7 mile pipeline from the Montrose municipal authority so all those houses could have fresh water right to they’re houses.That made the news for almost 15 minutes.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Is this the same family that had their water tested by the state DEP only to find the water was not contaminated then they the family said the state was wrong so the feds DEP came in tested the water and also found the water to be not contaminated also………If I was the gas company I’d have paid them nothing

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