Days Off Feeling Like Summer Break

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- For the second day in a row, several school districts dismissed students early because of the heat, but in Dallas, that's not a problem because students aren't in class.

Last Friday, teachers in the Dallas School District went on strike and even on this day, in this heat, they are still on the picket lines

Across campus, the Dallas boys' tennis team is enjoying their day off. The season doesn't start until the spring, but the team's head coach wanted to come up with a way to get the boys active during the strike.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, for as long as the strike goes on, he will hold an off-season workout. Because their season doesn't normally start until after the new year, the coach says the boys are loving this weather.

"I would have had it even earlier in the morning if I knew it was going to be this hot," said Dallas tennis coach Joe Pugliese. "They don't seem to mind it at this point. I'll keep them well hydrated. I always give them a lot of breaks."

The record to beat on Tuesday at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport is 88 degrees. That record was set back in 2007. If we beat that it, will be the third day in a row of record-breaking heat. and if we hit 90 degrees again, we will officially be in a heat wave.


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