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World War II Army Vet Turns 102, Shares His Secret to Long and Happy Life

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WYOMING -- A World War II Army veteran in Luzerne County celebrated his 102nd birthday this weekend.

Staff at Wyoming Manor Personal Care Home said they know Charlie Sciandra by his nickname, "Sugar." They said Charlie was given the name as a kid because he was just so sweet.

Even though he turned 102 on Sunday, staff at the personal care home celebrated with the still sweet Sugar on Monday.

“I can't believe it. They're doing all this for me,” Charlie said.

In 102 years,  the Luzerne County native has seen his fair share of things. He was known to give his food rations to hungry children when he was serving in Germany during World War II. He also drove an ambulance through enemy fire to save multiple people.

Staff said that good nature still shines through.

“It's an honor to be able to take care of him and a pleasure,” Executive Director of the Wyoming Manor Personal Care Home Christina Quinnan said. “He's a great resident. He's very kind and respectful to all the staff. He's always complimenting the staff on how good of a job they do taking care of him.”

So what’s the key to living a long and happy life from a man who goes by the name Sugar? He says you need to be a good person to yourself and your family.

“I did the right thing. I did good. I lived the right way,” Charlie said.

The staff at Wyoming Manor also said Charlie has a glass of wine every night and watches Newswatch 16 all day, so that might help.

“It's a great station. It has everything you want when you're watching it. I enjoy watching it,” Charlie said.

He said keep watching and maybe you will hit the big 102, too.