Too Hot For Football?

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP -- With temperatures soaring in the 90’s Monday afternoon, the junior varsity football team from Lakeland played at Lackawanna Trail near Factoryville.

"Upwards of 90 I'm sure and the bleachers reflect it nicely also, so that makes it even nicer. Up, up, up! Joe Snedeker said something about it snowing today, did you hear that?" said Jerry Snyder of Greenfield Township.

Fans looked for any sliver of shade or huddled under umbrellas, broiling on the bleachers.

"It's very hot and sticky, it's not fun. We're baking over here,” said Theresa Snyder of Greenfield Township.

"Thank goodness we have air conditioning at home,” said Josephine Snyder of Greenfield Township.

On the field, dripping with sweat, players took frequent water breaks.

The referees gave them extra time to rest, too.

David Naniewicz watched this game, but he plays football himself and had a sweltering game over the weekend.

"With the helmets and your pads, it just makes it really like sweaty and hot,” said the fourth-grader from Scott Township.

The football coaches say the heat may be hard to bear but said the players are trained for it.

"We prepare for this type of weather starting back in July with conditioning,” said Lakeland junior varsity football coach Frank Rapoch.

The fans say the players may be ok, but the only kind of conditioning they want is air conditioning.

"The heat is coming right out of my body I'm old, ya know?” laughed Rich Naniewicz of Scott Township.


  • Huggy

    There are lots of creepy coaches, parents, and adults in general around the viewing area that would be happy to give water and ice baths to kids in uniform. Perverts crazed over youth sports. You know who you are


    Florida state or Ucla would of have had to cancel the last 25 seasons if they were butthurt about practicing in 85 degree weather in late september. No wonder why the coal region produces hardly any nfl talent any more. Coal region football schmootball.

  • Frackville Trainer

    The street roamers in Frackville beat feet no matter the heat. Their stench is your only defense as you can at least smell them coming behind you


    hahahah too hot for football!!!!! is Arizona state or Miami gonna cancel every season! What is wrong with you people! This proves people are a lot tougher in other areas!

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