Snake Sightings Close Hazleton Playground

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UPDATE TUESDAY -- The park has been reopened, according to city officials.

HAZLETON -- A reported sighting of two rattlesnakes near Altmiller Playground in Hazleton has neighbors on high alert.

City leaders took action and closed the park immediately. Six snake traps were also put out.

"I mean, if there are snakes in there, you don't want anyone to get hurt depending on what kind they are," Tony Salazer of Hazleton said.

The city's mayor says the rattlesnake reports were made on Friday. That's when the park was closed and the traps were set.

Danny Petruzzi, who owns a property across from the park, said he's not too worried about seeing any more snakes.

"I just look around to make sure I'm not walking on one," Petruzzi said. "I never seen snakes anyplace. I had a farm down in the woods for 20 years. I found one snake. That's all."

Lorna Veglia also lives close by. She's not too worried about them either and says closing the park was unnecessary.

"I can understand them doing it from a liability standpoint," Veglia said. "You don't want someone with young kids getting hurt, but you just have to be cautious."



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