Slain Trooper’s Widow Files Civil Wrongful Death Against Eric Frein And His Parents

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SCRANTON -- The widow of a slain state police trooper has filed a civil lawsuit against the parents of the man who killed him.

Tiffany Dickson, the wife of Cpl. Bryon Dickson, alleges the parents of Eric Frein knew he hated law enforcement and provided him access to firearms.

Eric Frein now sits on death row for the murder of State Police Corporal Bryon Dickson and for seriously injuring another trooper, Alex Douglass, three years ago.

Now the widow of Bryon Dickson wants to hold Frein and his parents accountable for her husband`s murder.

In a civil wrongful death lawsuit that Tiffany Dickson filed at the Lackawanna County Courthouse, she alleges that Eugene and Deborah Frein psychologically manipulated their son into developing a hatred for police and that Frein, acting on that hatred, ambushed the Blooming Grove Barracks in September of 2014.

The lawsuit accuses the Freins of being aware of their son`s anger toward law enforcement and giving him access to firearms.

“The standard of proof in a civil case is lighter than in a criminal case,” said Bruce Zero, an attorney with Powell Law Firm in Scranton. “In a criminal case, they have to prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil case, they have to prove it by a preponderance of the evidence.”

While Zero is not connected to the Frein lawsuit, he handled a similar civil suit where the parents were held responsible for enabling a crime committed by their son.

“You have to show that you have knowledge of the dangerous propensities, you had to show that you had some way of controlling that person`s ability to commit violence on another,” said Zero.

At the home in Canadensis where Frein lived with his parents, his mother firmly denied knowing her son would take out his anger in this way.

“Of course not, if we knew he was going to do such a thing we would have stopped it, we had no idea,” said Deborah Frein.

Deborah Frein says they do have an attorney.

Tiffany Dickson's lawsuit is being handled by the Munley Law Firm here Scranton.


  • RicU.

    This appears to be Typical Ambulance chasing. For that matter, she could sue NEPA 16 and Peggy Sue for promulgating the information and RicU for listening it and not being qualified to be on the jury. The entire thrust of this suit is it will cost the Frein family huge amounts in legal fees to win so they consider paying. She wants to cry for the cameras and bilk the family who never had a part in the crime. She is getting her husband’s benefits AND full paycheck which is about TWICE what the average household makes AND his life insurance AND scholarships at state colleges for her children AND….AND. .. That she lost her husband in the line of duty is regrettable. But to be this vindictive shows something which will be used at the Frein retrial in a few years. For instance, what was their real relationship like?


    I remember when I came into a large lump sum of money, I took it to a qualified white male financial planner and with his knowledge, experience and insight he was able to more than quadruple my earnings. Perhaps this lady can do as I did and take the juicy government pork already given to her and wisely invest it with a male christian focused financial advisor instead of squandering it all away with her new BLM goon friends and other unsavory swarthy associates.

  • Lance

    Of the parents were part of a conspiracy sure sue the parents. But what proof do they have that they knew something. If she wins it wouldn’t be by any evidence it will be by tears on the witness stand

  • Michael wydner

    Just leave the frein family alone right now. They’re not responsible for their 30 something year old son. He chose this alone. He made his own decision

  • 🙄

    Why is she now deciding to do this? That’s my question. I don’t believe his parents had anything to do with it. Any parent is gonna try to stop stuff from happening. I think if they really knew about it they would have done something.

  • ***

    I understand her frustrations, however Frein was an adult, he was able to purchase his own weapons, maybe she should be more concerned with gun control and who is able to obtain a gun rather than suing the parents for wrongful death?
    They did not kill him, their son did. There was no way to prevent that unfortunately.


    Sigh….posting comments about slain officers. Some of them work really hard and put up with a lot of bs….thank you officers who put your lives on the line everyday and deal with these morons out there. I would like to be a police officer myself but it just seems too scary with the way the world is heading now.

    • Do your research

      It’s more dangerous out there being a professional truck driver. Compare the death rates. Actually compare the death rates to alot of other jobs. Being a cop ranks as being one of the lowest on the list for fatalities.

      • Dindu Nuffin

        There are too many policies that they have to follow and too many split-second decisions that hang in the balance. I wouldn’t want to answer a domestic violence call in Wilkes Barre, would you?

    • Lance

      The law firm should pay if they lose this frivolous suit. Eric Frein doesn’t have a pot to piss in. He can’t make any money on this because of precedent cases any money from sold stories etc goes to the victims family. So why go through with this? Parents don’t have any money

  • Greed

    Get a frickin grip Mzzzz. Dickson. Didn’t we the people (PA.) leave you enough money??? My God, fire up the T-Shirt making machine if you already blew through your life insurance money you recieved.

  • Captain Obvious

    Should go after his friends and teachers next. What about the convenience store clerk he told about how he and law enforcement didn’t get along? Go get everyone. Ppl sadden me.

  • Pennsylvania, Mountain Mama

    Remember the fear? The near-hysteria that accompanied every sighting, real or imagined? Life changed. They canceled Halloween. The unthinkable had happened: A coward, firing from an ambush position under cover of darkness, murdered a man who had accepted an unreasonable level of personal risk to protect others. Under similar circumstances, we often see the parents of criminals urge their murderous offspring to turn themselves in. The parents of this particular coward never uttered such words. The only time the male parent piped up was to brag about what a great shot the coward was. Pathetic. These sub-humans deserve to live in squalor.

  • Claude Hopper

    “…alleges the parents of Eric Frein knew he hated law enforcement and provided him access to firearms.”

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