Record Hot Temps at the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- Monday is traditionally Senior Citizens Day where seniors get into the Bloomsburg Fair for free, but this year, the intense heat caused issues.

Unless you go into one of the buildings, shade is pretty hard to find at the fair. Emergency officials say dozens of fairgoers passed out over the last two days. The fair stepped in to help with cooling stations, shade, and free water.

With temperatures in the 90s and not a lot of shade, things got scary at the fair.

"There are a lot of people dropping, all ages, not just elderly," said Tom Eaigis.

"It's too hot to really enjoy it," said Lois Cotner.

The Bloomsburg Fair set up four cooling stations in different spots around the fairgrounds. The Danville Fire Department handed out free water. There are fans blowing out mist and chairs for people to sit.

The Berwick Area Ambulance has another cooling station where they have cooling vests that cool the body 20% faster than a fan.

"We've had 10-15 people that sat down and used them in the last two hours we've had them set up," said Kevin Richards with the Bloomsburg Fire Department.

Some people say they came to the fair early so they could leave early.

"The heat today is like Vegas. It's hotter out there, but there's more humidity out here," said Jim Cotner of Danville.

Eleanor Vinskie of Shamokin tells Newswatch 16 she would rather have the rain that typically comes with the Bloomsburg Fair.

"It has to be 90 here. Honest to God, it's hot," said Eleanor Vinskie.

Tom Eaigis, a public safety officer for the fair, advises everyone to drink lots of water.

"Don't drink soda. Soda has sugar. Sugar has to be digested," Eaigis said.

You know the heat is intense when almost every person you talk to at the fair says they would prefer rain over the heat.

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