Police Investigating Brutal Animal Attack in Poconos

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Editor's note: This story contains graphic content that some may find disturbing.

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Police say a brutal animal attack happened in the Poconos Friday afternoon.

Authorities say three teenage boys threw a small dog at a pit bull that was chained to a tree along Pocahontas Road in Stroud Township.

The terrier mix was brought to A.W.S.O.M Animal Shelter near Stroudsburg but did not survive.

"This was an extremely violent attack. It looked like his mid-side was completely ripped open. His intestines and pancreas was hanging out. It kind of looked like a shark attack. He had huge bite marks from the canines of the pit bull's teeth deep into him. He was ripped up really bad," said Rich Homar, A.W.S.O.M. director.

According to Stroud Area Regional Police, a witness saw the boys throw the small tan terrier to the black and brown pit bull.

Newswatch 16 spoke to the witness over the phone. For his safety, he did not want to be identified, but he said he rushed the dog to the shelter as fast as he could.

"The witness said that he pulled over immediately and yelled at the boys, and they ran into the woods. At the time, little "Peace" is what we are calling him, was being attacked by this larger dog. The witness jumped out of his car, grabbed a stick, and tried to beat the pit bull off of little "Peace," said Homar.

According to police, the three teenage boys were seen running down Pocahontas Road headed towards Blue Mountain Lake Estates. Now, they are asking anyone with information to come forward.

"Peace" was not wearing any tags, only a flea collar.

No one has come forward to claim him, but directors are actively looking for more information.

"This is absolutely--it burns me up to the core. I am hoping--I think these boys live in the area--someone has seen these kids before or seen the dog walked before, and I am hoping we can get some type of tip," said Homar.

Anyone with information on the three teenage boys, the black and brown pit bull, or anyone missing a tan terrier mix dog is asked to contact Stroud Area Regional Police or directors at A.W.S.O.M. at 570-421-3647.

Officials say all calls will remain confidential.


  • Carol Silvin

    To the people that are blaming the teachers for not teaching the kids. Really? You really think its a teachers responsibility to teach kids this? How about the PARENTS!!!! No one thinks that parents are supposed to teach their kid right and wrong? I don’t know about you, but I never saw a class that is called ‘how to not be cruel to animals’. Get real, the teachers have enough on their shoulders dealing with non-parented children every day.


    Don’t worry….they’ll be bragging. Stupid people like to brag about their stupid doings. Poor little pooch, RIP.


    I think those teachers in the area need to be re evaluated. These kids are being taught to hurt animals? Who is giving these teachers degrees to not teach these kids bad values. The taxpayers in that area should be in an uproar paying all them property taxes with poor results!

    • 🙄

      This has nothing to do with teachers teaching kids anything. This kind of stuff is taught by parents. So don’t go blaming this action on any teachers. It’s not their fault. Alot of parents aren’t a parent to their children and it’s sad. This is the result of some teenagers not having parents that are involved or care about what they do.

  • III%

    Dogs and kids are Alot alike it’s how you raise them it seems in this case somebody failed in both aspects but the more I know some kids the more I like dogs

  • 🙄

    This such a disturbing thing. I can’t even imagine anyone doing something so horrible! And in these comments it’s turning into a racial issue. No where in this story does it say the teens we’re black or white. Let’s focus on what happened and how horrific it is and not b.play the blame game on which race it was cuz this is why there is so much diversity now a days. It’s all the assumptions of oh it must of been white people or oh must of been black people. Focus on what has happened and not skin color people!

    • 🙄

      My sister in law has a pit bull sharpei mix and she is the sweetest dog you’d ever want to meet. Not all pit bulls are mean and nasty. It’s all on how they are trained and the love they do or do not receive.

      • Sara

        Oh boy – so your Relative has a pit mix and it hasn’t mauled anything yet. Oh boy thank you SO much for that tidbit of information. If I knew the world revolved around your personal experiences, I could’ve saved myself some time in life.

      • OH BOY....

        Sara,oh boy, we are so very thankful that you are putting your irrelevant views on this website and oh boy, you sound like a real winner so maybe you should, oh boy, not worry about the ‘land sharks’ and get a life troll!!

      • 🙄

        Sara, the point I was making is that not all pit bulls are mean so instead of your nasty attitude, try to understand what I was saying. It’s not about my personal anything and FYI no she never mauled anyone. She runs and lays right down to get a belly scratch . So shut your nasty pie hole and think about what’s being said !

      • christined62

        Sara, I was mauled by a Saint Bernard. It’s not the breed of the dog, It’s the people who raise them. Stop your hatred of an animal you know nothing about. For all we know these kids might have beat the shit out of the Pitty before throwing the poor pup at it. It might have been in a protective mode, life or death. Stop your ignorance.

    • Janelle

      Miss nopittie- many breeds are dog aggressive, please do your research. Simple minded people like you love to post comments being breed prejudice to stir the pot, not getting any attention elsewhere? Sad, labeling the breed instead of it possibly being a dangerous dog! Ignorant owners create these aggressive dogs!

    • Lin

      My pit-mix lives quit peacfully with my chi-mix. While some pits/pit mixes can be dog selective/aggressive, not all are – we don’t even know if this one truly was or was reacting to the situation which 3 sub-humans incited a reaction. I also believe the pit was tied, which aids in escalating the situation. I’m horrified for the poor little dog, may he fly high, but to make this a pit bull issue, rather than a human issue only shows ignorance on your part.

    • Darlene Hoover

      I agree, what happened is absolutely disturbing and disgusting, we need to focus catching these 3 low life scum of the earth punks that did this horrible crime and throw the book at them them

  • Joseph Hazen

    Such a cowardly attack.

    Former gen Lee when no one else would go forward on bended knee to pray at at church he went forward after the war. He died a Christian like us.

  • Writer Girl

    These scumbags need to go back to the city where they came from. I hope when they’re found, they are prosecuted, as much as possible, as they are potential human abusers, most likely. Or maybe we’ll get lucky and someone like them, will beat them to death.

    • i_see_hypocrites

      Yeah ok miss ignoramus of the year like you don’t have garbage of your own to be so proud of. Guess you don’t read much and have blinders on about your home grown trash!

  • archiebald butthole

    Archie Butthole says that once the Constitution is rewritten and all guns are confiscated things like this won’t happen any more. It’s a good thing that all those Confederate monuments were taken down – it could have been a lot worse.

    • 80 yrs.old and who cares

      Your last name explains you perfectly. They should put those hoodlums in a cage with a pit-bull. Then they should go to jail and the dog be put down. The dogs owner should be in jail. P. S. You are a JERK

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    So who’s at fault? The boys? Or the pitbull that everyone likes to claim is a mild animal with a bad reputation? Both?
    Me? You? Trump?


    • i_see_dumb_people

      I am going with both, pit bulls that mild mannered guiltless breed AND these boys just wanna have fun whose mommas never hold them accountable for anything.

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