Arrest Made in Horse and Buggy Crash

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP -- An Amish family in Lycoming County is recovering after being thrown from their horse and buggy on Sunday. The alleged drunk driver that hit the buggy and then took off is now in jail.

According to friends, the Amish family in the wreck lives about four miles away from where the crash happened along Route 54.

Neighbor Wanda LaForme heard when the pickup truck collided with the horse and buggy outside her house near Montgomery.

"I thought when I heard the kids screaming and crying I thought it was the people that got hit which it was," she said.

State police say an Amish family of seven was headed home when a black pickup truck smashed into the back of their buggy. Five children under 13 years old and their mother were taken to the hospital. Their horse was injured as well.

Police said the driver of the pickup, Christopher Cranmer, 37, took off. He's now been arraigned on over a dozen charges.

"The most serious charge is a felony two. It was six counts, one for each of the victims that was injured, aggravated assault while driving under the influence," said Tpr. Angela Bieber Pennsylvania State Police.

State police say Cranmer was drunk and driving over the speed limit without a license when he hit the buggy. Instead of pulling over, he drove home and hid in his house.

According to court papers, Cranmer tried blaming the crash on a woman who tells police she was asleep in the passenger seat when the crash happened.

Cranmer is in jail on $200,000 bail.

State police tell us some of the family have serious injuries but are expected to recover.


  • mike masias

    That highway is horrible because of these buggy’s. They shouldn’t be allowed to travel on it. I have seen alot of close calls on Rt 54. They are slow, not well lit, and ride halfway out on the street. You are forced to go around them which is dangerous because traffic is heavy and fast.

    • RicU.

      Mr. Masias,
      I disagree. The roads belonged to the horses and bicycles long before Duryea and Maxwell and Ford and Chrysler let alone Mack and Peterbuilt. They are grandfathered in as is your whatever and mine. Learn to share the road. You will be driving an electric and automated self driven at 25 mph soon enough.

  • look in the mirror

    And if this clown had been of color “writer girl” et al? Your silence here is deafening. Incredible how white criminals are just treated as a yawn by you and your ilk, but when they are of color, the bile is spewed forth….sad.

  • Broomhilda

    Puppy…. Mills. Thar is a horse licker on the loose in Perry County wunst. Guess you English would only use it as amusement and take something away. See you own sad story. You judge without actual love to make the minutes of our days seem right in concert. We leave the same way.

  • III%

    I have a feeling there was plastic testicles hanging from the bumper and the attitude of just because I’m in this truck I’m somebody special and a stupid ass drunk

  • RicU.

    If this were a firearm, the media would be looking to disarm everyone. The reality is this is worse. Horse drawn vehicles have right of way. PERIOD. Amish are a very peaceful and passive group. I hope the courts and jury throw away the key on this crew.

  • mopar driver

    n Drunk / loser ( with no liscence ) , hit and run (with injuries ) and he tries to frame the girl hes with . How can anyone not send him away a long time for public safety alone , NOW Whom was letting him drive this truck and lets see some more charges on them .

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