Local NFL Fans Respond to President Trump’s Comments

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SCRANTON -- From east to west coast along the sidelines and even overseas, NFL players and coaches showed a unified front in the war of words coming from The White House.

"Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say get that son of a b---- off the field right now. He's fired. He's fired," President Trump said Friday.

A lone player from the Pittsburgh Steelers came out for the National Anthem. The rest stayed in the locker room.

Many other teams chose to kneel, lock arms, or raise fists. Started by former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick a season ago to protest racial discrimination and police brutality faced by minorities in America.

"In the end, you have to do the right thing and we came together as a whole and as a team and we felt like it was the right thing," said Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville Jaguars.

"We're a united front. We're all sons of  b------."

At the Penalty Box in Scranton's Minooka section, fans watched football and politics collide.

Some here see the protests as a perfectly fine way to speak out against perceived injustices.

"If they feel they have the right to protest over something or there's an injustice, who's to say they can't-do it," said Chris Maple, Scranton.

President Trump has implied as much saying owners should fire players who won't stand for the Star Spangled Banner.

"If you want to go on a knee for the National Anthem, wait until it's over," said Leonard Dragwa, Carbondale.

"I don't agree they should be fired. Do I agree they should be sidelined? Yeah, but fired, no," said Edie Levens, Scranton.

"Whether you agree with it or not, it's freedom of expression, if the people telling them not to do it, that's the un-American side," said Maple.

"Either it's going to divide us or unite us, you got to pick a side."

Taheed Jewell is an Eagles fan. What he saw across the league on NFL Sunday were teams and their owners standing or kneeling firm in their beliefs.

"The NFL showed America they're united with their brand, basically. The owners, the players, they basically showed America they're united no matter what's going on. They are united as a company, as a brand," said Jewel.


  • RicU.

    Hello PEOPLE,
    As usual, we are speaking about a bunch of “Cottage In A Pot Of Cheese” compared actions in the real world. OK, I think the NFL should make players respect the Anthem. Hockey Fans even SING the Canadian Anthem. NFL players are pampered. HOWEVER…………………….

    We are in REAL TROUBLE.
    Due to recent hurricane damage, and the season has just gotten into full swing, the U.S. has $1.5 TRILLION in damages and loss of life to contend with. Who is going to help Mexico rebuild? GUARANTEED it will not be any friends of OUR FLAG. The Apple iPhone and a lot of high profit items were made in China who was never a friend. Russia is reeling under sanctions. We burned that bridge. DPRK could send “workers” by the 747 full to set up Base/Camp to “help.” Did I hear they had missiles?
    Now, within a week, Qatar, a good friend of IRAN, announced it is buying British Typhoon fighter-bombers by the score. Where do you thing they will be used?

    So go ahead, worry about the NFL players until someone knocks out Tobyhanna or Mechanicsburg with their weapon of choice.
    Shallow…dangerously shallow

    • No Step On Snek

      This has been the case all along. Every single protest like this is backed by someone with ulterior motives. It’s like slight of hand in a magic show. Look over here and you won’t see whats going on over there. Very good post, sir/madam.

  • Lord Chesterfield

    Those foolish enough to think the stars and stripes are without meaning deserve neither freedom or comfort of being. You hold in contempt the sacrifice of brothers that never knew each other but understood what they were called upon to do. It brings tears to my eyes that their selflessness is dishonored by your selfishness. There exists no words in my vocabulary to adequately portray my disgust of you. God Bless America!

    • No Step On Snek

      Its because nobody taught these people values. Look at them and read the words of the one guy who labels them all sons of b1tches! God Bless America indeed.

  • So Brave, So Special, So Long

    “We’re a united front. We’re all sons of b——.” Now that is an example of indisputable class and dignity. With leadership like that, it is no wonder these players are so out of control.

    Trump could say the alphabet and he will be shot down for it. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that these men made a display of disrespect and anarchy during an event associated with their employment. Their actions were tasteless and completely improper. I peeled the Steelers logo off of my truck, today. I will not support anyone, especially a professional sports team, that demonstrates a blatant disrespect for my country.

  • bob W

    Before you idiots out there condemn the foot ball players. You should be condemning the moron in the white house. There is a person who does not respect this country or the flag. Who insulted a veteran like John McCain who served in the military honorably, was captured held for years then is condemned by the idiot in the white house, who also compared the loss of family member of a muslim family loss and sacrifice to his sacrifice which was building hotels, and said he knows more then our generals. and where is his respect for this country. He was a yellow bellied gutless draft dodging coward, who when it came his turn to serve his county he took deferments.

    • No Step On Snek

      You fool it is the citizens that are goign to erupt into a civil war and not the residents of the white house.

    • El Ma

      LLOYD, I would rather watch sit in an outhouse and count the Daddy Longleg population than watch professional football. Nyet. There will no footzbullz in deez houzzzz.

    • Robert

      Absolutely not. But, I wish the best to those that do. To allow government or media trolls to dismiss those anonymous Americans that have lost their hopes,dreams, fantasies, goals, desires, family by surrendering their lives so that we may achieve ours is despicable and selfish. No excuse is sufficient to not honor these heroes. It matters not to me how we honor them, but to ignore their sacrifice is vulgar.

  • Robert

    Every once in a while its nice to turn off all the political BS on whatever channel you watch to take a break and catch a Sunday Football Game no? Now that BS comes with football too? LOL Your fools to turn this into a political debate for whatever reasons are given. Even sworn battle field enemies took time outs. Grow up, get civilized.

  • Pledge of Allegiance

    I had been teaching for 15 years and never had trouble with Kindergarten students standing to say the Pledge of Allegiance. (Unless they were Jehovah Witness – and then they at least stand. They just do not say the Pledge.) Now the last two years I have had trouble with students not wanting to stand, being silly, not taking it seriously. We learn about our flag, we read books about it, etc. It just seems like we do not have great models in our country anymore and that is being passed down to the children. There are ways to protest injustice and still show respect for our country and the people who have fought to protect it.

    • El Ma

      PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, the reason is because nobody is required to fulfill expectations, anymore. People can do whatever they want, including beat their girlfriends into oblivion in a casino elevator without facing consequences.

      That’s why I got OUT of the educator scene. Politics. Parents. Restrictions. Unions. Bullshirt, all of it.

    • No Step On Snek

      The minority terrorizes people and bullies them into submission. Our forefathers and our civil rights advocates didn’t sacrifice their lives for this lot.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    If these crackbaby athletes pull this crap during the opening of the super bowl this year, I hope the military personnel in uniform and the veterans in the stands run out there and kick the shit out of them.

    Now that’s a super bowl I’ll watch!!!

  • JD

    You won’t put my post in here, but you’ll let people run their potty mouths against other posters and curse. Tells me all I need to know about channel 16.

  • trucker

    Alejandro Villanueva who walked out of the Steelers locker room and stood for the National Anthem.
    Villanueva gear is not the top selling gear at the NFL store. America loves Trump and hates spoiled millionaires who disrespect the flag.

  • JD

    When they stopped “pledging alleigence” to the flag in school, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. If people weren’t taught to respect the flag when they were young, then it’s just a red, white and blue banner now. What a crying shame. I’ve seen way too many American flags, draped over way too many caskets. When those guys kneeled, it made me sick. I’m done with all of em.

  • Robert Ely

    If I started a protest of ANY sort, especially one against my country AT WORK, I would be FIRED on the spot. These guys are AT WORK even thought they PLAY a GAME, they still get paid thousands of time more than I and most other Americans. They need to be thankful for the living her and having the benefit of doing what they like to make a living. Many do NOT. Respect our FLAG, Respect our National Anthem, Respect the liberties afforded to you by the men and women that fought so you could have them. Respect our Constitution and BE AMERICAN for a change.

  • Mike Freeman

    This article has a complete lack of balance…an obvious bias against anyone who disagrees with the protesters. Disgusting…journalism is truly dead.

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    When these guys kneel it’s “unifying”, yet when Tim Tebow knelt it was “polarizing”. See how that works?

    • El Ma

      SILVERFISH IMPERETRIX, that’s quite an interesting point, there.

      I agree with BOYCOTT NFL. The ratings for programmed viewing is at an all-time low, and it’s no wonder. These people have every right, under the Constitution, to protest – ON THEIR OWN TIME, and at an appropriate venue. I don’t think they won any brownie points from anyone with any sense.

      • No Step On Snek

        I stopped watching MLB after striking became the order of the day. I’ll never watch another NFL game either because of this morally outrageous action. NHL is next on the list and I hope they never let us down.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Quite a difference in commentary, huh? The media bashed and mocked Tebow’s quick prayers of thanks as if he was taking a dump on the field. Maybe we should start a rumor that these players are actually praying…then watch how fast it stops. Playing our Anthem during BLM and Antifa “protests” would work wonders too, as they’d take a knee and stop inconveniencing and attacking people, destroying property, and looting. That would make it much easier to corral and arrest them.

  • Look at that mon key run

    I really wish I liked football and bought NFL merchandise before all this so I could boycott them. Truth is I’ve despised any ‘sport’ where the ‘athletes’ are undereducated over-sterioded thugz that are paid millions to play with balls. I hope the entire franchise crumbles.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Sports is a release from everyday life. Nothing more, nothing less.
    It’s entertainment.

    Time to get politics out of sports… and sports out of politics

  • #

    How many of you knuckle-draggers have or support those that have confederate flags… a literal symbol of treason against this country? Tell me again what a patriotic American you are.

    • rsely74

      You mention Confederate Flags. Please read your history. Yes it was about slavery, but more than that it was about taxation and States’ rights. General Robert E. Lee was AGAINST slavery, DIDN’T want to fight FOR the southern States and only wanted to defend Virginia. He and his wife started a school for freed slaves as well. AND, not that anyone cares, he is a member of MY family tree. My family did NOT own slaves. We came BEFORE the United States was a thing (1632) and I am and American Patriot who will stand for the National Anthem and our Constitution!

  • FracingA

    God, Family & Country in any order you choose. Never ever mess w/any of them though regardless of your beliefs or reality in which you live in. Suck it up or find another platform to discuss. What the Steelers & Oakland did yesterday is beyond reproach & really stands out as being really Assinine. Now we know that even pro athletes can be Snowflakes & or Soft. People will boycott as they should..get outside & enjoy nature instead.

  • SAD

    If people were as concerned about people being gunned down by cops unnecessarily as they seem to be about the players standing for the national anthem we wouldn’t be having this discussion. You weren’t paying attention before. Now you are, even if most of you are too willfully ignorant to acknowledge the issue.

    • Bias

      The issue that a disproportionate number of AA’s commit the highest percentage of violent crimes against whites? That issue? Or the issue that AA’s were helping themselves to Air Jordan’s and plasma screens during the hurricanes? What was your point again?

      • SAD

        My point is that committing a crime does not automatically justify being shot on the spot. You’d think a group that touts the second amendment so hard would realize that there are other equally important amendments. The sixth amendment comes to mind, or do you really think it’s ok for cops to kill black people on the spot even when they pose no immediate threat?

      • El Ma

        SAD, are you serious? More white people are shot and killed by cops than black people are. That’s a statistical fact, across the boards. You don’t see NHL teams taking a knee on the ice to protest THAT, do you?

        These players are guaranteed the right to protest – but, it’s BAD FORM to act-out at your place of employment, don’tcha think? I mean……..what would happen to YOUR job if you suddenly decided to walk out of your job at Game Stop in protest? You think you’d have a job to return to after your SJW tantrum was spent?

  • Jack Irvin

    Try protesting on your employers time or at your workplace and see how that works out for you, done with the NFL, maybe organize a jersey burning party or a stomp on their jersey event and see how the NFL likes that, scumbag Anti Americans

  • warningfakenews

    “Taheed Jewell is an Eagles fan. What he saw across the league on NFL Sunday were teams and their owners standing or kneeling firm in their beliefs.

    “The NFL showed America they’re united with their brand, basically. The owners, the players, they basically showed America they’re united no matter what’s going on. They are united as a company, as a brand,” said Jewel.”

    Yup. THEY showed US. They showed AMERICA. Now, we’ll show them.

    • rsely74

      That brand is now highly flawed and needs to be checked for work ethic. Politics and work do not mix. Nobody seems to know WHAT they are protesting. All is seems like is a protest against America and the National Anthem. For the league to sanction this is unconscionable and disgusting. These guys have the PRIVILEGE of PLAYING and GAME and making MILLIONS of dollars. I bet none of them could do real jobs that pat <75K/yr. They need to be patriotic and support their country or find a country that they like better. You want to protest, find a way to legitimately FIX the problem. You guys have the financial resources to do so.

  • concerned commuter

    Does anyone here know what yesterday was? It was GOLD STAR Sunday. How many of you know what that even stands for? It is to honor those families that lost a relative due to their ultimate sacrifice for this country. Yes, to honor those families that had a loved one come home under that flag. Most of you probably don’t have any idea what that’s like. I served for 30 years and presented the folded flag to 27 different next of kin at military funerals. It was both the hardest and the most honored job that I had. To disrespect our flag and the Anthem on that particular day is completely despicable. They were showing complete disrespect for all those that came home under that flag and for the families that loved and lost them. I could never respect or take seriously someone that would do that.

    • El Ma

      CONCERNED COMMUTER, I want to personally thank you for your service, sacrifice, and dedication. I’m from a long line of military – all the way back to the 1700’s (at least) – and I’m quite aware of what our military and their families endure and sacrifice.

      What a sad duty to have, as well. God bless you, and bless all of our military and veterans. Shame on the NFL “protesters.” I cannot imagine what they’re protesting against, but they need to take their concerns to a different venue.

    • It's not racist if it's true

      DJT would also like to call out their fathers for raising disrespectful sons, but that would be racist. (and darn near impossible since most of their daddies are in jail or don’t want to be found)

      • Really?

        Donald Trump knows nothing of respect. He’s spent his entire life in a bubble having surrounded himself with yes-men after being handed millions of dollars. He’s never had to earn respect, and his behavior demonstrates that. He speaks and behaves like a spoiled child. Take the money out of the equation and ask yourself if you’d be proud to have a son that behaves like Donald Trump. I seriously doubt it.
        How much respect did Trump show to Obama when he was president? None, but now he whines about how unfairly he’s treated. He’s an immature, unaccountable racist that only cares about himself and the attention he can get.
        And, yes, it is racist if you fail to account for other issues while making blanket statements about a race.

      • Blinded by the blight

        You make me laugh. Obama – respecting anyone? He ‘built’ the hatred towards police with his ‘they acted stupidly’ comment, and then fanned the flames by encouraging civil disobedience. You’re just upset that we finally have someone in the Oval Office that calls it like he sees it – no politically correct bullshit. I respect a person that respects our country and our flag, not some simpleton that went around apologizing to the world and lighting up the White House like some gay night club.

  • concerned commuter

    Actually you are both correct and incorrect at the same time. You are correct that the constitution doesn’t require standing for the anthem. The rules of the military and also the RULES OF THE NFL require it. Read the rule book. They are required to stand with their helmet in their left hand and no talking. Pages A62-63 of the NFL rule book. Do a little more research Bob.

    • Nicole Mikloiche

      The NFL rules use non-binding language. It says players *should* stand. It also says players *may* be fined.

  • Mike

    For a real pregame check out a Nascar race. There will be a prayer. Every driver and crew member will proudly stand for the national anthem. The military will be represented. And if Brad K wins a big American flag will wave from the winning car. God Bless Nascar and God Bless the United States of America.

  • Start Acting Like the POTUS!!!

    Where’s that candidate Trump who said he got along with everybody, everybody loved him and he could negotiate with anyone? Now if you disagree with him about anything or don’t obey him about everything, he wants you fired!!! Maybe he should work half as hard at running the country and fixing our international messes as he does at being drama queen and stirring up a bee’s nest!

    • It's not racist if it's true

      It took Obama eight years to cause the destruction he did. DJT has only been in office a little over nine months – give him a chance, will you? Check the unemployment rates lately?

      • Don't let facts get in your way

        Yep, they’ve been on a steady decline for about 18 months.
        What has Trump done to create jobs? Nothing. If he does then he deserves credit, but he hasn’t done anything yet. Literally nothing, so giving him credit for decreasing unemployment would be like blaming him for hurricane damage.

      • Don't let intelligence get in your way

        By your own admission there is less unemployment now than when Obozo was squatting in the WH. So you call working with major manufacturing firms to make it better for them to bring offshore production back within our borders nothing? Hate the man all you want – he is MAGA – just stay out of the way if you don’t want to get run over. Bayer AG – 3000 jobs, Amazon – 100,000 jobs, Ford – canceled construction of factory in Mexico, IBM – 25,000 jobs, and so on. Source: investorplace dot com.

  • Writer Girl

    I am sick of sports becoming a political platform. People watch these games to forget about everyday life for awhile, not to have someone else’s problems or political stance shoved down their throats. All this controversy does and divide us and take away from the sport. If players want to protest, let them do it outside of the games. Besides, there has never been a better time to be living in America. Yes, we have our problems, but we have great things, too. Love and peace being with the individual, so I’m not real hopeful of unity given these complaining, dramatic people.


    It’s simple. Boycott the NFL and all of its sponsors. Don’t buy the beer. Don’t buy the services. Don’t buy the devices. Don’t buy the merchandise. Write a snail mail letter to the sponsors that you refuse to purchase their products or services as long as they advertise with NFL broadcasting or marketing.

    The days of Johnny Unitas and humble players is gone. What we have now are end zone parades and BLM protests on the sidelines. I’m done.

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      And just like with the “boycott” against the Dixie Chicks, the majority will step in and support the right side of history and render your boycott ineffective. :-)

      • Lance

        Sorry jessica, the chicks were against the war and George Bush. Well alot of Americans were against the war. But many Americans are for showing respect for the national anthem. So a backlash might arise from the public ,fans against the teams owners and players.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Their last album was released in 2006, although they won 5 Grammys for it. They were banned from most country music radio, lost many of their sponsors, and many of their U.S. shows were either canceled or moved to smaller venues due to poor ticket sales. They ended up taking a “hiatus” in 2008. The boycott indeed worked – stop trying to rewrite history.

  • III%

    Even more reason to watch the NHL were even the Canadians show more respect for the National anthem than these scum bag football player’s

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