Long Time Tradition for Penn State Comes to an End

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SCRANTON -- A long-time tradition for some local college students has come to a close.

Sunday was the last day Penn State students were allowed to use “canning” as a fundraiser for their annual dance marathon.

Students have been known to stand on roads to solicit donations from drivers.

In the past, multiple students have been injured and two have even died from crashes.

Despite canning coming to an end, Penn State University still plans to continue on with THON.


  • Lance

    I thought it was great kids taking time during their weekends to raise miney for charity. At least it showed that they care about something!


    I hope the said collected money goes to the right avenues, kids with cancer. but in crooked PA who knows! I mean this place is full of scams!

  • Fredric

    What is THON??

    Anja Whitehead, please help us. Inquisitive mind want to know.

    If this is a good cause, maybe we can load trucks with discarded nickel back cans and take ten to NY which has almost a million dollars waiting for us.

  • Stumpy

    Good. Go away and stop clogging up intersections in our local towns. what victims ? what scandal? the football money machine rolls on …………………….

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