Tombstones Found On Property Of Wheelabrator Power Plant

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FRACKVILLE -- This week, Jason Sponseller went to work at the Wheelabrator Power Plant near Frackville. It was just like any other workweek. That was until he found two tombstones on a path along a steamline.

"It was odd. Definitely odd," Sponseller said. "You see animals and that kind of stuff out here, but that was definitely out of place."

It's common for workers to find trash and miscellaneous items around the property, but tombstones? That's an unfortunate discovery.

"When we rolled past it in our work truck, it didn`t look normal and I looked down and saw a grave marker and there was another one next to it that was face down," Sponseller added.

"That`s something sad when people tear off somebody else`s gravestones like that," Joe Hill, who also works at the power plant said.

"It didn`t make me happy that something like that doesn`t belong here," Sponseller said. "It belongs where they put it."

"Now this path here is frequented often by ATV`s, cars and some dirt bikes. It appears as though the tombstones were stuck into this ditch that has since been filled with rocks, to make the passage through this path easier."

While Newswatch 16 was here, we made another discovery: more tombstones, further up the path in the woods. They've supposedly been here for years.

"I seen them years ago and it`s just been recently I seen them on the lower end of the steam line and I don`t know where they came from, but it`s been a while since I seen them up here," Tom Fronczak said.

The names engraved on the tombstones are Virginia M. Derr and Mary L. Revelle.




  • Erebel

    Chief Bell really has his hands full with the pervs in Frackville! Robbery, murder, grave robbers, and street roamers oh my! Didn’t Chief Morgan quit cause car cruises and kids hanging out in parks were too much for him? If so, That guy would have hid in Heaven Scent rubble if he had to deal with this. Frackville reality TV coming to cable this fall!

  • Butchie

    Wheelabrator is definitely a popular site for street roamers to meet up for slam-slams. But now you have to wonder if Frackville has necrophilia roamers plaguing the area. There is no shortage of oddities in this area. Creepy youth sports coaches, cutey-crazed teachers, and fire department touch boys is all I hear about. Did Penn State recruit Sandusky from this town. What the Frack!


    This blighted area is bad news. I serious dont understand why people get upset when people josh the area online. I mean its corrupt as all heck at the top then you got the almighty schools where high school football is everything. Which is laughable. Then throw in the sex crimes, the non profit scams and the drug and alcohol issues. its a odd place to settle down anymore.

  • Jinx

    Old news. I believe it was even covered by this very station a couple of years ago that a local monument business had permission to dispose of either blemishes or cancelled orders here. Notice no dates? Lack common sense much? Must instantly be the nefarious doings of the wild Skook clans that populate the area. Rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble.

      • Jinx

        This is what it sounds like when Trolls cry. Wow cupcake. Maybe you should take your own advice seeing as you just regurgitate the same nonsense over and over either seeking approval or to get a rise out of somebody. I feel sorry for you as you seem to display intimate knowledge of “Pedo street roamers” which leads me to believe that somebody related to you might have loved you just a little too much at some point. It’s okay. Have a pout, and I’ll even add a like to your comment that you already liked yourself.

      • Jinx

        Nope. By definition, you got a response. If you took it as angered? That is your view alone, as I do not feel contempt towards you. It really is the opposite and I could care less about that place. It’s just that your jokes are kind of lame, and I was hoping for new ones. Put down the Keystone Light and bring some game if you are that amazed by a pothole ridden mess of a wasteland that is completely corrupt towards the working class citizens and seems to welcome criminals in. Your approach kind of smacks some of the good people from there in the face that struggle while seemingly siding with those that you have harsh words about.

  • Donamick

    ATVs tearing up the beautiful landscape of northeast PA!
    buy 1 and be like everybody else.
    you too can destroy all of the beautiful historical Countryside that northeastern Pennsylvania has to offer.
    if there’s a path you can’t get through just use a grave marker.
    these people have no respect for anything.
    they’ll chase deer until the deer dies!!
    ATV should be against the law completely

  • Davey

    The entire area Area is creepy looking. From centralia to Mahanoy city to Tamaqua. It looks like the night of the living dead!

  • Beer Butt

    Probably somebody whose parents didn’t think enough of their predicament to pick up some used FSU Starter Jackets at the Goidwill. What a shame!

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