Unveiling Ceremony for the Most Famous Backyard Train

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The day has finally arrived, people of northeastern and central Pennsylvania have the chance to see the most talked about train in NEPA.

The train made famous by HBO's "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver was officially unveiled to the public today.

Its new home is at the Electric City Trolley Station and Museum at 300 Cliff Street in Scranton.

The museum will offer free admission all weekend from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for those who wish to check out the train.

Newswatch 16 caught up with former meteorologist, Tom Clark. He dated the train phenomenon back to 1984 when WNEP received its first train set for the backyard.

The elaborate display took the entire day on Wednesday to assemble.

For more information on the weekend event and back stories on how this train came to our area,Β head here.



  • Say Again

    Back when John Oliver was funny and picked on everybody, I would care. Now that there is a “team attitude”? It doesn’t concern me. I am now wrong for not worrying about what makes me different when I was just trying to pay my bills. F these people and their fascinations with dumb kid games. The rest of us are trying to survive by way of work and sacrifice. Our ancestors fought a revolution to stop obeying the pompous beliefs/rules of these smarmy, self important d-wads. It’s like walking into a wall repeatedly.

  • πŸ™„

    They’re making too much of a big deal over this. They’ve had it on every single day for a week. It’s OLD news, let’s move on. ( If you want to even consider it news that is!)

    • Chakra Balance

      This is pleasant news. This is a story that isn’t overflowing with buzz words and phrases that cause readers or listeners to feel angry or powerless about something that is unpleasant. This is a very pleasant story.

  • Hot Carl

    All of the schools in the area should’ve been closed. This is about as close to a national holiday as we get in Scranton. I, for one, took the day off of work, and even got written-up for doing it, but I don’t care. This is the best thing to happen to Scranton since we got our electricity turned back on.

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