Talkback 16: Sounding Off on the Strike

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In the latest edition of Talkback 16, callers sound off about teachers' strikes in two school districts. And of course, it just wouldn't be Talkback 16 lately without some feedback on the backyard train.


  • Lori Phinney

    The NFL players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem and the others who are joining them are the ones who are creating division. They are, indeed, spitting on the graves of the brave men who have died so they can whine, complain and do nothing to help their fellow man. They have not built community centers or offered people modest homes. They have not talked to gang members and offered them scholarships. They rather get drunk, do drugs and degrade women with their dating habits. WNEP’s reporting seems slanted on showing support for these cowards and is not reporting those of us disgusted by this inappropriate behavior. Shame on you.

  • Peggy Gilbride

    Have to get on my bandwagon again after watching the latest Trump bashing by the media. I totally agree with and support Trump especially his remarks concerning the NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem. I have always felt those who show such blatant disrespect for our country, no matter their reason, should all be fired! The NFL should have taken a stand for America instead of allowing them to continue. Yes you are entitled to your own opinion, as am I, but you are NOT entitled to use the fields as your personal protest platform and you should NOT be paid big money when you have no respect for the country that is feeding you. Disgusting that this is allowed to continue, deplorable that these players make huge salaries and are permitted to continue with their bull. STAND UP FOR AMERICA PEOPLE, GET OFF YOUR KNEES. Our veterans died for your sorry butt standing up is the least you could do. Oh wait instead of fighting for our country and risking your lives, you stay home and play games.

  • Lori Jalonski

    It is ashame to not stand for the national anthem. It’s a disgrace to not respect this country and our flag. If you don’t like our history and don’t want to respect our country, flag and statues then move to another country. You are a disgrace, those football players and everybody should stop supporting the over payed football players by not going to the games of the disgraceful football teams and not buying there items. And stop trying to change history. I am glad the schools still say the pledge of allegiance and I hope they keep doing it forever. People this is our country and many people fought for our country and you football players don’t know what it was like for our veterans to fight for this country because you never took the time to serve and we wouldn’t want you to serve for this country because I am ashame of all the people trying to change our history. Instead be proud of our history and respect the men and women that fought and are still fighting for this country.

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