Strike Ends in Abington Township

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Teachers returned to class Friday in the Abington Heights School District, ending an eight-day strike.

The union representing teachers and the district have not struck a new contract.

Teachers say they could strike again in January.


  • Lance

    These teachers have learned their abc’s. Totally ASININE BITCHING and COMPLAINING are no way to resolve a contract.

  • Call Of C'Thulu

    There are 15 articles on WNEP covering high school football. Now what does this say about the importance of education?

  • Teachers Pet, Maybe

    Not sure of the details but I have to commend the teachers for allowing the children to learn again, or at least attend school. Interested to know if this was the true motivation or the union has something up their sleeve.

    • El Ma

      The public outrage was more than the Union bargained for. In this economy, everyone that pays State and homeowner’s taxes are counting their pennies. For families with children, it’s even more of a challenge to make ends meet, in most households. So……the public spoke, the Union ended the strike, and the plan for another strike is set for January 2.

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