Scranton School District to Dismiss Early Monday

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SCRANTON -- The Scranton School District is dismissing early Monday.
All because of the high temperatures in the forecast.
The intermediate school and high school will get out at 11:30 a.m.
Elementary students are being dismissed at noon.
Breakfast and lunch will be served before Monday's early dismissal in the Scranton school district.


  • Lance

    Really?. . Everytime the school closes for a half day for some frivolous nonsense we should get part of our school taxes rebated. Im sorry but when does 1/2 a day equal a whole day. Don’t they teach fractions taxes are supposed to pay for 180 days. Half days , delayes school openings etc dont cut it

  • Bob Calvey

    So every time something is a little difficult or tough and circumstances aren’t perfect just give up and don’t just deal with it how about the days without air we went in April May and June and we made it through maybe because we knew we had to and there was nobody making excuses for us sorry I think it is a joke

  • Bob Calvey

    Really no really I heard some of this story couldn’t believe I was hearing what I heard early dismissal because it is going to be hot lol no but seriously what about those poor children who don’t have air conditioning at there house isn’t that cruel and unusual punishment sending them home to that I think there should be lawsuits filed against district

    • Sarah

      I understand that if you’ve never worked in a school this seems crazy to you. Schools run multiple industrial size ovens for hours to make hundreds of lunches. This creates a lot of extra heat, which we actually enjoy during winter months. Unlike school buildings we have curtains in our homes to block the sun in an attempt to keep it cooler inside. Add to all of that the fact that the children stay in just one classroom with the trapped body heat of at least 20 other people, . Ever been to a crowded concert ? I applaud the school on it’s decision, I’ve seen first hand how hard it gets for children to concentrate and how disruptive the need for repeated drinks becomes on extremely hot days. I’m sure plenty of thought went into their decision. Sorry Bob, I disagree. 🌞

      • Lance

        Sarah, sorry I went to school regardless of how hot it was. They would open a window and sometimes a fan would be turned on. These schools have central air especially the new ones. It is ridiculous to close for a hot day.

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