Nazi-Confederate Flag Burned in Protest of Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- An activist wanted to put heat on the Bloomsburg Fair by burning a flag, but not an American flag.

Gene Stilp, originally from Wilkes-Barre, set a two-sided flag bearing both Nazi and Confederate symbols on fire Friday outside the Columbia County Courthouse.

The Nazi and Confederate flags, he believes, stand for the same things.

"Racism, bigotry, hatred," he said.

Stilp says he burned the flags because the Bloomsburg fair does not allow vendors to sell Nazi flags, but Confederate flags are allowed.

Last year at the fair, a vendor was kicked out for selling a Nazi flag.

There's no law that prohibits the sale of the confederate flag. Bloomsburg Fair officials have always allowed their vendors to sell it, so the sales will continue.

Stilp calls this protest an educational effort.

"That has nothing to do with Nazis," he said.

But others who showed up in counter-protest feel differently.

"They're two different flags," Phil Curland of Benton said. "Americans died for the Confederate flag. They fought against the Nazi flag."

"He's not out here burning a flag of ISIS," David McElwee of Bloomsburg said. "He's not out here burning a Russian flag, a Red China flag, a communist/Antifa flag. He's burning an American Confederate flag."

Stilp says he made the double sided flag by hand, but notes it was "a very disgusting task."

When he set the flag on fire, it burned fast. Stilp showed the Nazi side first, and then the Confederate side.

Mark Johnson of Berwick came to show support for the protest.

"This type of nonsense has no place in today's society," he said.


  • Valfreyja

    I love how central Pennsylvania defends naziism. Pure human degeneracy. Watch five minutes later as they beat themselves into a tearful, righteous fury, meowing about “muh vet’rans” who died in horrific numbers to destroy this putrid ideology.

  • Mahj

    All of the people in the comments are so funny. You guys couldn’t care less about freedom of speech if it offends your white heritage. Of course majority of you won’t see the hatred within this flag, I am not surprised as a minority living in a pre-dominant white area. The flag stands for white supremacy, which is definitely why it’s reasonable Stilp burnt both of the flags together. It’s also funny how so many of you are saying to get over but you’re all supporting a flag that represents a a major loss for the South, but such a glorious victory for all of America that is against this white nonsense. The confederacy is over and it’s not coming back. Get over the fact that America is not your little white home :)

    • Bob

      If you dislike whites so much, why don’t you go back to Africa and take a knee. It seems you would be much happier there with your kind, not surrounded by “whites”
      Maybe we will go back to the way it was and I will own your lazy black ass.

    • Robert

      Where do you see any mention of the first amendment in the comments below yours? Perhaps I missed it and would be relieved if you could point it. Your comment while entertaining to me on several levels I find scattered, incoherent and difficult to respond to. Symbols only have the value that are assigned to it. Just like x and y in algebra. Growing up I always assigned the flag of the confederate states a value of ‘rebel’. Like many youth was very rebellious. So I adopted the confederate flag as a personal moniker and had it tattooed on my forearm when I was old enough to override my fathers authority. What I’m a little confused about is the theme of your comment. Is it directed to only the white people that commented here, or all the people that commented here? I get the impression that you assumed that only white people are commenting. Or is your comment only directed to those Caucasians that commented?

  • Taters

    This guy and groups just like him should get their own island and start their own rules of law since they don’t like the good ol U.S. of A and Michael Moore could be their leader. Than this great country can back to some of the simple things, like when men were men and women were women and for god sakes the children were aloud to be children.

    • Mahj

      you’re whining about a flag that lost 150 years ago. get over it, no one cares about the confederacy anymore (besides white people like you of course)

  • Fghjkmnv

    Stirring the pot… give this country 10 years and the constitution will be eliminated because of these people and the country as we know it will be doomed. Money will be changed to Emoji faces soon to replace the 1.00,5.00,10.00,20.00 because they will say the faces on the money aren’t fair and are racist


    makes me want to buy that Confederate flag I was thinking about flying next to my American flag……..just to piss……you…….off, crybaby.

  • Lance

    It was a confederate battle flag. The regular confederate state flag had a single star on it. (Bonnieblue flag song) burning it here is so ludicrous it borders on stupidity of the highest magnitude. People should get over it. It is a part of our history . Regretful reminder of a war. But it is been over for 150 years. Get over it!

  • Extortion

    That Dude is an idiot combining the 2 flags as 1 insinuating they are equal in atrocities?
    Is it legal to to have an open flame like that in public? Imagine if some opposition threw a gas can in their direction? What a moron ! He is inciting violence as far as i am concerned and a big safety issue as well. Big Dummy should be arrested for doing that on public property,do that at your own property if you want to protest.
    Idiots like him is why we cant watch Dukes of Hazzard on TV anymore due to Confederate flag…. Whats next ? Changing the names of southern towns and states that were associated with slavery?

  • III%

    I keep finding it harder not to be hateful and racist due to the actions of these so called “activist” I have no problem saying I own a confederate flag and I don’t condone slavery but I see the historical value in it and I dare you to cross the line and try to burn mine as far as the Nazi flag goes I say we all gather and have a bonfire

    • Jordi

      He burned a flag in public he made himself. No one is seizing anyone’s property or even suggesting it. It is the free exchange of ideas and protest.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    What a fn idiot loser. Love it or hate, it’s history.

    If there is any concrete left over, can we build a little wall around this town too?

    I mean, even if it’s only 3-4′ high, that’s all. They won’t be smart enough to get over it.

    • Espryon (@Espry0n)

      So is Hitler and Mussolini. There are no statues to them in Germany or Italy, yet I’m pretty sure people know who they are. If you want to make the “It’s History” argument, then put it in a museum. There aren’t any monuments to the trail of tears and yet people know what that is. You shouldn’t celebrate racist and/or divisionist history.

      • El Ma

        (sigh) As far as I can read on this specific board, nobody is supporting Naziism. Nobody is supporting slavery ownership. Nobody is condoning “racism.” What people seem to be expressing – some with extraordinary eloquence – is that associating a symbol, flag, color, or the song of “Dixie” with the extermination of over 10,000,000 human lives is outrageous. There is, quite literally, no basis of comparison.

        The North owned slaves. The South owned slaves. The North employed indentured servants. The South employed indentured servants. Both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line perpetrated their own atrocities. The whole point to history is to learn from it to avoid repeating the same patterns. What’s happening, right this moment, is that people are reacting and not responding with contemplation. We are absolutely repeating the past by allowing other people to incite outrage, violence, and hatred for their own agendas.

      • El Ma

        ESPRYON (@ESPRYON), it would probably also help you to accept the fact that American slavery had nothing to do with contemporary “racism.” There were many, MANY Irish slaves – yes, bought-and-sold-slaves, and there were many, MANY black slave-owners.

        Honestly. The more I read some of these knee-jerk comments, the more I realize that our education system has utterly FAILED in its duty to educate. Our own citizens are, in all ways, ignorant of their own Nation’s historical facts.

      • Call Of C'Thulu

        You are comparing apples to dalmatians you social justice cuck. STFU about slavery because nobody owns a slave anymore and hasn’t for over 150 years. Idiot.

  • El Ma

    Any time an article starts with, “An activist…” I have to really contemplate the motives and the agenda.

    To use a fun event like a fair as a platform for a personal agenda is typical of BOTH ends of the wingnut spectrum.

  • laura

    the confederate flag is not a flag of racism. it is at worst a flag of succession and at best a flag of independence. the civil war was not about freeing the slaves it was about leaving the union. lincoln freed the slaves to destabilize the south and add canon fodder to the ranks. civil war began in april of 1861. the emancipation proclamation january 1st 1863 – almost a full 2 years after the war broke out. i often wonder if these people screaming racism missed history lessons or even took history in school

    • Robert

      The proclamation actually was an executive order that kind of gave citizenship to southern slaves. A slap in the face to the governments of southern states. Not much more. It would only be relevant if the north won the war. Bottom line, this war was fought over states rights. Period!

  • Robert

    He’s a Citizen activist. Probably mustering support for something or somebody else. Sad to see our education system has failed many of our commentators below.

  • concerned commuter

    Stilp hasn’t been in the news for quite a while now. He couldn’t stand not getting the coverage that he adores and needs. I bet he had a very large group there to show off in front of. What, maybe 6 people? He needs to retire again and stay retired!

  • Andrew

    The Confederates were the antithesis of what the “United” States of America is supposed to stand for. Racism and bigotry was a “feature”of Nazis and Confederates, for Washington and Jefferson it was a “bug” I.e. A character defect. These ignorant racist people do not represent everyone in PA and they’re the real minority.

    • concerned commuter

      You obviously haven’t studied much history of the US. Do you even know why the civil war was fought? Do you really know anything at all about the South. Do you even know what the Stars and Bars stood for? Do you think it was the flag of the Confederacy? I think you need to go back to school and study more.

      • Bob Smith

        I tell you ya…… SOME people doesn’t understand what purpose of America civil war…..
        They doesn’t know who is General Lee and Jefferson Davis wanting to keep slaves in southern states forever to sponge them off to make them rich and richer . Sad war.

      • El Ma

        BOB SMITH, and “some people doesn’t” know how to convey a coherent thought, in print.

        It behooves you, and anyone else who is holding onto the foolish belief that the Civil War was about slavery to stop typing, start reading, and return with reasonable (and, rational) comments once you’ve all learned the facts of that event.

        Willful ignorance is one of the most freely expressed ideals in this country, and it’s a shame that our own citizens have absolutely ZERO understanding of the history of their own Nation.

    • El Ma

      ANDREW, do you have the capacity to absorb factual information, or do you just spout out whatever alt-left wingnut blather that bubbles up at inopportune moments? The Civil War was not, not, not, not about slavery. It was about States’ Rights. And, your beloved Union was JUST as racist, bigoted, and vicious as any sharecropper in the South.

      Not everyone who supported the Confederacy owned slaves, you idjit. And, there were MANY slave owners in the Union States, ANDREW. You bet, there were.

      For gosh sakes, stop typing, get a grip, and read the FACTS about this historical event. Once you’ve educated yourself, then make your comments. Presently, you’re making yourself look foolish.

    • Robert

      I hesitate to give a history lesson Andrew as your comment reflects how irrelevant it must be to you. Much of the Declaration of Independence signed by all 13 states was the United States slavery and all. The constitution does allow itself to be amended and recognizes not all articles may stand against the will of the people or the tests of time. Agreeing to the constitution was a moral compromise for many of the founding fathers. Many did foresee the slavery as a problem and inconsistent with the concepts set forth in the document. Even those that owned slaves. Not all was harmonious in those early years and slavery was a very contested subject but as our current political leaders do, kicked the can down the road. It was not secret that the constitution and slavery where incompatible. Then came manifest destiny and the expansion of the United States. The arguments related to slavery bristled withing the government and caused deep divisions and political scandals not different than today (minus the internet). The boiling point was reached when the term manifest destiny was coined and competition to generate new states as either slave or free states began. That was right smack in time for the election of 1860. There was never a National Socialist party in the United States in 1860 Andrew or anywhere on earth for that matter. There were actually 4 different parties, with a split electorate that resulted in the REPUBLICAN party winning a highly contested election. Lincoln was not even put on the ballot in TEN southern slave owning states. The civil was was never about freeing slaves in states where it was legal. It was about future states. There was never the term racist either. That term is something that came into play as we amended the constitution that or forefathers crafted over 200 years ago. The concept of racist was born into existence thru the wisdom of our founding fathers and the courage of nameless heroes who used law and learned history to improve lives and did not digress into name calling and labeling for self gratification.

      • El Ma

        Very well put, and as succinct as possible with regard to those turbulent times.

        I am not certain that ANDREW, or anyone else, is interested in the facts. They’re interested in the rage, the chaos, and the over-use of “racist” to include SJW and alt-left/right agendas. (sigh) People are just not going to accept the facts as they are and continue to write their own histories in their heads to suit their needs.

    • I Am Larry Stokes

      Hey Andrew pal. Do you ever wonder what you life might have been like if you had gotten enough oxygen at birth?

  • El Ma

    Okay. To put this misconception to rest, the former flag associated with the Confederacy is not associated with Naziism. The two are vastly different and this type of behavior is what helps to keep this ridiculousness alive and escalating.

    Why does anyone have to take a fun public venue like the Bloomsburg Fair and turn it into a platform for their own agenda? What do these people do when they aren’t burning things? Oh……..they brunch with George Soros, right? (sigh)

    • Andrew

      The Confederates are comparable to Nazis. They committed war crimes and pushed racist and bigoted policies and politics just like the Nazis. Are people really this ignorant and/stupid nowadays?

      • El Ma

        ANDREW, the Union Generals also committed heinous war atrocities. General Wm. T. Sherman decimated Georgia and gave license to his troops to wreak whatever havoc that they chose.

        Union supporters were SO racist that they discriminated against one another.

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