Former ESU Football Player Convicted of Burglary, Assault Charges

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- A former East Stroudsburg University student is facing several charges after a drunken incident led to his arrest.

23-year-old Marquis Brownlee of Scranton was found guilty of felony burglary, simple assault and harassment.

Sometime after 3 a.m. Brownlee went to a home in East Stroudsburg and began banging on the door. Once the victim opened the door, Brownlee began punching the victim repeatedly. The victim sustained a fractured jaw and needed to undergo an emergency surgery.

Brownlee fled the house but continued to cause a scene outside.

Shortly after Brownlee left the scene, he posted to Snapchat bragging about the incident. After being told by several people that his football coaches saw the videos, Brownlee deleted them.

As a result of the charges and incident, Brownlee was removed from the ESU football team and placed on deferred suspension until August 2018 at ESU.

Upon the conviction, Brownlee's bail was changed from $5,000 to $100,000 secured bail. Sentencing is scheduled for Brownlee in December.


  • LaRoy Jenkins

    You people need to get with the times. You can’t convict a black man in this day and age, that’s racist. We’re able to do what we want and you white people cant do nothing about it. Like what BLM leader Chanelle Helm said to you white people, give up your house or land to a black or a brown person. I want someone’s house or their land.

    • 🙄

      Now look who’s being racist. The color of the skin doesn’t matter in this case. He committed a crime and that’s it. It doesn’t matter is he’s black, white, blue, green, pink a crime was committed. So put your racism away and think about it logically.

      • LaRoy Jenkins

        Black people aren’t racist. You white people are just upset cause the black man is coming for your homes, your land, your jobs. We use diversity to take your jobs away, take your sports away. All we need to say you are not diverse enough, bam, white man out black man in. It’s not racism, it’s black entitlement.

      • 🙄

        Not all white people are racist. I myself can personally say I am not. I treat people the way I want to be treated. I also believe in giving everyone a chance no matter what their race or skin color is. I certainly did not agree with all of those cops killing black people without reason. It in fact made me angry because to just kill someone is not how I roll. So don’t classify everyone white person in the same category. It’s wrong just as I don’t classify all black people in the same category.

      • look in the mirror

        “Laroy Jenkins”: you are clearly some cranky white guy in your run-down cigarette-stinking trailer trying to stir up crap…However it never occurs to you that with all these disgusting crimes by white people on these pages daily (murders, sex abuse of corpses etc etc), nobody talks about race on those pages. Trash comes in all colors — and white is one of them. I know you are not able to, but you might want to think how more difficult it is to be non-white and be a decent, hardworking person in this country with attitudes like yours. Just try and think for a moment.

  • Me

    Did anyone read about Aaron Hernandezs brain testing results? He had CTE or whatever 3rd stage of which there is only 4. And that’s at 27. I’m not saying that’s what caused this guy to be a jerk I’m saying it’s a real problem w football so I’m highlighting it. Don’t let your kids play football it’s a bad sport. Hopefully they’ll med this guy up and keep him locked up too. He’s disturbed.

  • Choocha

    No surprise here. But I’m sure after he does his time, he’ll be a productive part of society, will probably develop a cure for cancer or something. No doubt! He’s got a big future ahead! Absolutely!

  • Jay

    It’s ok he is a thug he plays football. Remember they don’t stand for the national anthem because they get paid millions to play a game. Poor babies. Instead of listening to rap music and learn how to be a gangster pick up a book and learn something. And you wonder why you have the name you do. Be a human and not an animal

  • Bob Smith

    That guy is menace! And no conscience!
    If anyone bangs on your door at 3 AM…. Don’t! Call police since it might be dangerous at that hour.
    Now, he got felony record and if he plans to re-enroll in college. He can’t qualify federal loan and grants due to felonious background. Sick guy too!

  • CeeMe

    Disgusting! What is wrong with some men? He better find out soon, before he ends up in an even worse situation. Use your education for good.

  • Lance

    A pure POS! So much for education etc .what an idiot. He had an opportunity and blew it. I’m sure there will be those who will make excuses. But there is no rationale for this behaviour. An animal is an animal.

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