Crowds Line Up for Unveiling of Backyard Train

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SCRANTON -- It wasn't your average crowd for late morning on a weekday. Dozens lined up at the Electric City Trolley Museum in Scranton to get a look at its newest exhibit.

"I wanted to see the train, the train set that they sent in, but also I`ve never been in to the trolley museum," Steve Burgerhoff said.

The main attraction was opened to the public at 11 a.m. And at first sight, you're taken aback by the size of it. It's so big that the backyard train couldn't fit in our backyard. So, this newest piece of WNEP history will live at the trolley museum.

"I thought people from Miss Judy's Hatchy Milatchy might be able to figure out how to put it in there somewhere," Burgerhoff said. "This will work. This is good."

It was our chance to formally accept what HBO's John Oliver called the "irresponsibly large" train display that all started as a joke.

We at WNEP have a good sense of humor, so this joke turned into a celebration.

Carl Orechovsky is a model train buff, though he says this model doesn't pass as a "perfect" model train.

"We`ll make a little exception here for this one," he said.

It is a perfect way to display what makes our area great.

The train's littlest visitors were most mesmerized by the three rotating trains and realistic buildings. It will be at the museum for folks to visit all weekend free of cost.

"I think it's going to probably bring a lot more people down to see it and we'll get some more visitors to our area," Orechovsky said.