Canoeing in Warm Weather in the Poconos

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- People in the Poconos aren't saying goodbye to summer just yet.

The Ken family lives just outside Philadelphia and decided to take advantage of the warm September weather, canoeing in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

"Hanging out man, this is beautiful weather. It couldn't be a better day to canoe or do anything else outside, so we are taking advantage of the time we have left," said David Kent of Langhorne.

"I didn't expect it to be this warm in September. I'm just happy there is more summer to come," said 10-year-old David Kent.

People are excited about the extended summer weather, but businesses are excited too. Many canoe companies have plenty of bookings for this weekend.

Alex Karasik manages Edge of the Woods Outfitters. He says it's nice people can enjoy the fall colors in warmer weather.

"It's superb actually. It's a nice late summer, but you can see the change in leaves which is always beautiful. Look at the river. It's serene and you can't get any better than that," Karasik said.

Chamberlain Canoes in Smithfield Township is also busy with rentals.

Owner Brad Sweeney says the summer we experienced this year wasn't ideal for business. He's happy to have one last heat wave before canoeing season ends in October.

"Summer was a little off. We had colder temperatures, it started off a little rainy and then rain on some of the holiday weekends didn't help us out too much but weekends like this do help," Sweeney said.

If you're interested in renting a canoe for this weekend, business owners say to call ahead to make sure rentals are still available.