‘Wild Claw’ Fails Inspection

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BLOOMSBURG--The Bloomsburg Fair has around 75 rides for people of all ages. The fair opens this weekend, so rides are being inspected.

"I have certificates of all the rides that were inspected. So far everything is going well except for they just don't want that one ride open," Bill Barratt said.

That ride is the Wild Claw. A ride inspector from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture issued a stop-use order to shut it down.

"Wasn't going to allow it to open up and gave us an order that it's not to operate," Barratt said.

If the Wild Claw looks familiar, it's because it is. It is the same type of ride that blew apart in July at the Ohio State Fair.

According to the ride inspector, the Wild Claw is the same model as the ride at the Ohio State Fair. Even though it's not the exact same ride it has the potential to be just as dangerous.

The Fire Ball had a steel piece that was prone to breaking. The Wild Claw has that same steel piece. Fairgoers tell Newswatch 16 they are happy this was caught before the fair starts.

"That's great. That's what should be done. That's the purpose of having rides inspected," Joe McAndrew said.

"I think they're smart to shut it down because I love the Bloomsburg Fair and I wouldn't want it to have a bad reputation," Ginni McAndrew said.

The Wild Claw ride is owned by Reithoffer Shows, that normally provides the rides and games at the Bloomsburg Fair. Reithoffer is working with the fair to remove the Wild Claw ride from the fairgrounds. Ticket collectors at the entrance gates will hand out fliers about ride safety when the Bloomsburg Fair starts this weekend.


  • Matty

    A shame! Wish they could get an unbiased inspectors opinion. Presuming the operator followed and documented the Aug 2 bulletin from KMG (the manufacturer) which clearly outlined the preventative work required, (given it was set up for inspection, I infer that was the case) I see no reason for this. There’s inherent risk in most things we do – you’re statistically more likely to be injured in your car on your way to the fair than on the rides. Freak accidents happen (such as what happened in June). The operator is well-established and respected – no doubt in my mind it was safe and this was unnecessary.

      • Matty

        Um, no. Do you seriously think the so-called greedy owner would waste spending money and time to set it up if it wasn’t going to generate revenue? All I am saying is there is another side to this story that the media doesn’t want to show, and that side is that it is safe to operate after complying with the manufacturers bulletin, however, the state is negating all that. Yet some people who haven’t got a clue about the industry believe everything they read on the internet, watch on the news, or want to believe…

  • Seriously?

    Tone deaf greedy owner without enough sense to leave that ride at home. Way to go brother! Now you brought unwanted attention to yourself.
    I hope it was worth it.

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