Student Charged for BB Gun in School

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COAL TOWNSHIP — A teenager is facing charges in Northumberland County for bringing a BB gun to school.

Police say a metal detector went off Tuesday when the 15-year-old student walked into Shamokin Area High School.

The boy told a security officer that he accidentally left it in his backpack after going target shooting with his friends.

Police tell us the teenager will be charged with possession of a weapon on school property in Northumberland County.


  • magicmikexxsm

    Seems to me if it was an honest mistake being charged with possession of a weapon on school property is a little harsh. where are the adults in this world, have we lost all of our common sense???? maybe suspend the kid , have him see a shrink for a week or so to see if he is a danger, then let him get on with his life……

  • Bob Smith

    Long before he was born…… Schools everywhere is posted No Guns and No Drugs…. Didn’t he read a sign on fence and at every entrance doors?!? OOPS!
    I don’t believe him that he ” Accidentally ” left in his backpack.

    • Robert

      Like I said, unless whoever monitors the metal detector is lax to the point where you have to be unlucky to get searched yes I am inclined to believe. I would not give the kid a free pass by any means. Shamokin is not Philadelphia by any stretch, however I’m sure they have their fair share of feral children. And are responsible for the safety of students. Is it possible this kid searched the internet for,” how to get guns by metal detectors”, and tried if only to impress his friends? YUP! But, unless this kid presented an immediate threat, or has a history of being a problem, I think we should leave the discipline to the school district and not the PA crimes code.

  • Robert

    Unless positives go uninvestigated by security so frequently that one feels the ability to simply walk threw with a weapon, I’d be inclined to believe the kids story. As recent as the 70’s pocket knives were common as well as Rifles in the back of the pickup window for use after school. We were permitted to order flintlock reproduction kits and build them in wood shop for a grade. Gun cabinets were another favorite project. Ironic isn’t it that the public school system that preaches acceptance and promotes tolerance resorts to policies of zero tolerance? How better to keep that big money job without having to be a responsible administrator. Simply quote policy and that’s it, 1st degree misdemeanor. And of course there will be those Jack arshes like those commenting below that will want to hang the kid. I’d recommend parents of children that engage in activities with firearms to keep equipment separated from school related items! To include cooler bags and backpacks. Them friggen 22’s end up in strange places!!

  • Taco Salad

    Obviously a white kid.
    A brown kid would have been murdered by police as soon as someone said, “B.B.”
    Cleveland, Columbus, San Diego…

    • Robert

      I guess that’s because white kids don’t point guns at cops, and drop them when ordered. That’s the advantage of having parents Taco.

      • Taco Salad

        Tamir Rice was assassinated within two seconds of the police car pulling up in Cleveland. He neither pointed a gun, nor was given an opportunity to drop it.
        And his parents were raising a child on a much better track than the opioid addicts in central PA.

      • Robert

        I’m not sure where your getting your information about the upbringing of Tamir Rice and how it relates to the opioid epidemic playing out nation wide. Tamir Rice was on video reaching into his waste band for a firearm and apparently did so in front of a emotionally unstable person who happened to be hired by the city of Cleveland as a police officer. Shame on Cleveland. Cleveland hired Loehmann despite having been identified by a suburb of Cleveland as unfit. Assassination? No, it was murder. Not by the police officer that should never have been hired as a police officer, rather the leaders of the city of Cleveland. Six million dollars is what this crime cost the tax payers of Cleveland. I wish I knew more about this disgusting event and had to power to dam those actually responsible to eternity in fire. But I do not. However, your effort to guide a narrative based upon nothing more than emotion and disgust will only leave you frustrated and vulnerable to foolish acts.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Actually, one more stupid comment from me and I’m done! (HAHA, like I’ll ever be done!)

    If the BB gun has an orange tip like the stock photo suggests and BB guns are SOLD with orange tips so POLICE OFFICERS can identify them as actually being NON-LETHAL WEAPONS, then where’s the issue????

    If the regulations are good enough to aid law enforcement in the field to keep from shooting
    someone with an orange tipped non lethal weapon, then there IS NO ISSUE.

    I should’ve been a lawyer…..

    Guess I’ll have to settle for being a common sense conservative instead!

    • seen it all

      So Thugs should put a orange piece of plastic in the gun tip so they can get the advantage on police ? Sorry I would not hold off firing on a gun holding nut job at expense of my own life and would not question if it were non-lethal at any point it’s used menacingly.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Hey kid, if you read these comments, don’t let this incident dictate the rest of your life!

    If it was an honest mistake, know that for yourself.

    Don’t let the liberal ninnies determine your path. They just want to tattoo your forehead.

    If you’re lying and meant to take it to school, well then you’re just an idiot.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Omg Nooooooooo!!

    Say it isn’t so?

    What a nation of pansies.

    When I was I school, we made Muzzleloaders in FN WOODSHOP!!!

    My dads generation all brought their guns to school for first day of squirrel season.

      • sc

        im actually a HillBilly….yes…we farmed so yes a redneck to. city people really have no clue. i feel sorry you had nothing growing up.

      • Robert

        Yea, typical. Has parents (both of them) has job, pays taxes and keeps guns at the ready incase one of nuisance invasive species critters types, that so often go feral, happens to confuse my property with theirs.

    • sc

      Im a grad from there also 92. My grandfather was a gun smith and Floyd was a friend and a real man.
      We all brought shotguns in small game. they stayed in the truck till afterschool when we field hunt on the way back home.

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