Abington Teacher Strike Ends Although No Agreement is Reached

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- Teachers are headed back to class in a school district in Lackawanna County.

The strike in the Abington Heights School District ends Friday.

Teachers walked picket lines for eight days.

The teachers union and the district have not yet reached a contract agreement.

Abington Heights Teachers plan to go back on strike on Tuesday, January 2nd if they still haven't received a new contract.


  • El Ma

    Really. I cannot comprehend this whole issue. Each and every child that has one of these union teachers for a class should stand up, walk out, and not return to classes until that teacher is fired and replaced with someone who has enough sense and gratitude to pay their (expletive) $80 per month for health care and LIKE IT.

    Shame on the union for making such a dim-witted, half-brained, mercenary, miserly, and outrageous decision to strike over such a trifling matter. Anyone making upwards from $60K per year can certainly afford $80 bucks a month. Your employers (THE TAXPAYERS) have grown weary of your shenanigans.

    • El Ma

      …..concerning the $80 monthly contribution, I wonder how many of these striking teachers had CAR PAYMENTS for their SUV’s that exceeded $300 per month. Think about that, you selfish, greedy, stupid tw*ts.

      • BARRIOS

        PA is an entitlement state. Sorry overrated high school football, corruption and blight keeps you here. But in many mid west and southern states teachers were contributing 80 dollars a month or more to healthcare for the last 20 years.

  • taxpayer

    It’s not over! I like to know what they proved? Looks like the district has won this round. Does the union not like that the parents are not on your side of the fence. This isnt the 1980’s anymore. We all pay for healthcare twice and even three times, with percentages, co-pays and not covered expenses.

  • 🙄

    Good! They need to be in there doing their jobs! Let’s hope they reach an agreement so the kids don’t get screwed again in January when they plan to strike again!

  • Lance

    Now teachers what have we all learned today? ……. it doesn’t matter how hard whine and complain. You don’t always get your way.

  • Stumpy

    Well, that was fun while it lasted ! We have just witnessed a major miscalculation / backfire by the teacher’s union. The taxpayer is tired of union greed. This strike was over paying $5.77 a day for healthcare ? Welcome to reality. Now get back to work.

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